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Panagia of Tinos Church


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Panagia of Tinos Church

The magnificent church of the Annunciation is the most popular destination in the Assumption. It was built during the Revolution of '21 in place of an older chapel, a master builder Efstratio Kallonari from Smyrna. The two storey form of the building due to the need not to depart from the original chapel. The nave is aisled vaulted basilica with imposing western façade and capricious. From the nicest parts is the marble high-rise tower. In cells that surround the church, now a museum housed Tinian artists, with works of Aleppo, the Gizis, of Ransom, etc., exhibit relics and pictures with remarkable collection of post-Byzantine icons, the Art Gallery Papadopoulos remarkable paintings by Greek artists and Marian Report. The miraculous wooden image of the Annunciation, the offerings and offerings of the faithful, the imposing carved and gilded iconostasis, the elaborate pulpit and bishop's throne, cause the solemnity and awe in every episkepti.

forecourt areas of the Annunciation at the Art Gallery which includes many and important works of Greek and foreign artists and the exhibition religious relics and icons. Worth a closer look at some of the oldest images of the island as the "Virgin Peribleptos" of the 14th century, the "Great Prayer" of the 17th century, and other notable exhibits such as the Charter of Riga 1797, the ring of Theodoros Kolokotronis , the clay, etc. fonts Another attraction in the courtyard of the Annunciation is the Tinian Artists Museum, home to great works of L. Gizis, Nikiforos, Nikolaos Lytras and Pericles, of M. and C. Renieri Gaitis and excellent sculptures and reliefs Halepa, L. Soho, the Filippoti, Vitali and other artists.