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Paleopolis Archaeological Collection


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The Archaeological Collection Paleopolis recently established and still have not completed epanekthetikes work.

Paleopolis Archaeological Collection is housed in a new building (built 1981) Community Paleopolis, sponsorship of the Basil and Elise Goulandris.

It contains collections of sculptures, reliefs and inscriptions from the classical to the Roman era, the site of ancient Andros (Paleopolis).

Major exhibits:
- Museum No. 206. Marble sculpture group the mythical winged horse Pegasus, with its rider, Bellerophon. Architectural sculpture, the cape of a temple. Found in Paleopolis and dates to the late sixth and early fifth century BC,

- Museum No. 208. Marble lion in size. Funerary sculpture, found in the ancient cemetery of Andros (Paleopolis). Dates from around 320 BC

- Museum No. 106. Inscribed marble slab. Saves 178 verses of the hymn in honor of the goddess Isis east. The goddess praised as ground, sky and sea goddess, inventor of shipping etc. Dates to the 1st century BC,

- Museum No. 209. Marble statue of Artemis of the Hellenistic era. Dates to the 3rd century BC

Official Unit:
U. Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities

Paleopolis, Andros (Cyclades Prefecture)

Phone: +30 22820 41985