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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию



Greece Travel Guide|Greek Islands

Here the visitor will live the night life and also hit the clubs, will find a variety of beaches and enjoy traditional dishes and licking his fingers, without having to pay a fortune.

Although situated at the peak of the season, the faithful of the Cyclades and indecisive tourists manage to live before the return to routine.

All the islands of the Cyclades are the same talking-level natural beauty or natural xerailas if desired. White houses on barren rocks. However, distinctive architecture, which is protected by state and seals the face and this island. The white object in the brilliant blue of the Aegean and the Greek pure blue sky. It is the scene then, is the atmosphere, the aura of the island, the positive energy of Paros that makes all believers to always return to the site-summer-"crime". Here the beach life emerges as nowhere else-more even than Mykonos, perhaps because it is everywhere real and unpretentious. The beaches are mostly large and easily accessible. The most popular among the younger ages is the Punta, with loud music and busy bar. More gentle Piso Livadi beach, with jazz accompaniment by Brazil. Lie down and the golden sands of Langeri, while in Kalogeros you can do a free self service spa and clay from the surrounding rocks.

Naoussa is the capital Parikia and the "province" of the island. Ignore the informal feud with the two cities, chose to visit both. Stroll down the lively streets of the first day, go to the Castle and admire the mansions of the second. Here is the Virgin Ekatontapyliani. But the loveliest village of Paros are the poplars. Walk the streets of the village and xapostaste traditional cafes. At lunchtime sit for lunch at one of the best restaurants on the island, Clarinet. For dessert or pie-in-rodakinopita yard Pezoulas to treat. If you like the road to visit the village of Prodromos, for culinary excursion that will be directed to the court of Tsitsanis, where the smell cooked. Time value is the food Tamarisco, Mediterranean flavors in Parikia.

The ouzo Barbarossa is the leading proposal in Naoussa, and with good prices. For evening wine book in the atmospheric view, the port of Punta overlooking Antiparos. One of the best restaurants Chris, with celebrity clients. Hip seafood on the beach in Ambelas and Damian. For many, the "gist" of Paros are unpredictable nights. In the Venetian port of Naoussa you will see is crowded around the Agosta and Shark. In Fotis Café enjoy drinks Foti, a bartender right. Do not stay, but only in front of the harbor, because in recent years the rise of nightlife port is "global." At the back of the shops are a little more relaxed pace to chill out almost on the beach.