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Pluto the God


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Among the twelve gods of Olympus Pluto was one of the god-king of the underworld, Pluto, known primarily as Hades (Aidis = invisible).

There are many traditions that prevailed in ancient Greek cities of the underworld, gods and demons, since Homer but prevailed as the largest form of Hades, king and master of the silent world of the dead.

Pluto was one of the three sons of Cronus and Rhea, along with Jupiter and Neptune. When Zeus, aided from his mother, he managed to outwit a cunning and Saturn to resuscitate his two brothers, who had swallowed Saturn, opened with the war. Saturn had allies and assistants Titans, Zeus and the Cyclops. The Cyclops supplied the brothers with irresistible weapons. Zeus gave the thunderbolt, Poseidon his trident, and Hades the kyni (or dogs), which was a helmet (or cap according to others) that made him invisible and a symbol of the deep night.

The end of the war victors found the three brothers who decided to divide by lot the world. Zeus fell to be the ruler of the sky, Poseidon the sea and Pluto the underworld. So Pluto reigns in the Dark World of the Dead, like Jupiter is the ruler of the light of the world Top of the living.

The main symbol of the power of Pluto kyni, which signaled the deep night in which God reigns. The kyni made invisible, not only him but any other god time, like Athena, thanks to it managed to help the protégé of Diomedes escaping the eye of Mars in Homer's famous battle.

Pluto has always remained closed into the underground world, which they covered properties of cloud and mist forever. It was quite a large area beneath the earth, beyond the borders of the visible world and even beyond the river Ocean. There is vegetation in this dark place, but the plants do not bloom and bear fruit there. Vast areas of the daffodil decorate the guards day and night Cerberus, the terrible dog with three heads and a serpent tail. Everyone accepted into the underworld, but no one could escape from this horrible prison and return to the Top World. Only Hercules, executing the orders of Eurystheus, he managed not only to pass - is alive - the gates of the underworld, and to return again in the World Top with Cerberus and present him to Eurystheus, thereby achieving the feat twelfth of.

According to legend, many such descents to the underworld heroes have done, but not always with success. From the most famous is that of Orpheus, who wanted to bring his beloved Eurydice to life, was the condition of Pluto has not turned to see her on the way back. Orpheus did not was able to endure this ordeal and so he returned to his beloved world of the dead. The same result was also the descent of Theseus and Peirithos, who intended to steal Persephone, Pluto's companion and queen of the underworld. Descended to the underworld and Odysseus, advised him as Hermes, shortly before his departure from the island of Circe, and conversed with the souls of the dead.

Hades the souls descend from the rivers Acheron and terrible Kokytos and lakes Acherousia and Styx. The rivers are located on the border of two worlds and are surrounded by fog. The Cocytus located in the mountains of Arcadia and Acheron in Thesprotia and is formed, just before reaching the Ionian Sea, Lake Acherousia.Stous these rivers the imagination of the ancient Greeks staged the scene to fly out to the world of the dead. Sleepless driver waiting at the bank Charon, gruff and surly, to carry the boat through the fog and mud of rivers, the souls on the other side, getting in the obol to pay the living put into the mouth of the dead to pay the ferries of the transition to another world.

Reside in the underworld and the Keres, black goddesses, demons of death and daughters of Night who usually roam the battlefield and give the final blow to the wounded and dying soldiers.

In the underworld souls tried by the great critic, Hades, and three fair legendary rulers, Minos, and Aeacus Rathamanthi. So depending on the discretion of the court, the law leads to the Champs Elysees or the islands of the Macaronesian and unjust to Tartarus, located in the depths of the earth and are the site of the martyrdom of the guilty. The name Persephone is associated with the unique output of Pluto from his dark kingdom, when smitten by her beauty and with the consent of Zeus, decided to kidnap her from the upper world. The appearance of light was instantaneous, and no one was doing anything on earth to sunlight. Persephone, daughter of his sister Demeter, reacted, but nobody heard the desperate cries. So Pluto settled in the kingdom and giving her pomegranate grains secretly made her forget the World Above and left him. The mother of Persephone, Demeter, who did not know the fate of her daughter, wandering nine whole days and nights without food searching traces of the earth. When she learned about her abduction by Pluto, asked Zeus to intervene and managed to remain Persephone only four months to the kingdom of the underworld, while the remaining eight to the gods of the Top World and people.

So Persephone seems to share the care of both the world of the dead and the world of the living. Just to support this event and the ancient Greeks the existence and separation of the seasons, believing that the mental state of the goddess Demeter, goddess of fertility of land and people, affect fruiting, the eugenic and eftokia.

Homer describes Pluto "polynomial", and a generally avoided people refer to him by his real name, was Hades. Even this name Pluto (Pluto = rich or offering riches) is used euphemistically, because all the riches from the depths of the earth. Another well known name for the god of the underworld is Zagreus, meaning great hunter, and is used mainly by Orphic, because he thought another personality of Dionysus. Also called Polydegmon or Polydectes, why accept on its territory all the people who died.

In the realm of Hades and the king himself he worked since ancient times both as literature and painting. The eternally locked in the dark palaces of the god is depicted monstrous, wild, crusty and stiff in every supplication.