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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Portara at Naxos


Greece Travel Guide|Places to visit

Portara at Naxos

The hallmark of Naxos is the image protoantikrizei when one arrives at the port of Naxos is the small islet. This is the gate of the ancient temple of Apollo, which the building was never completed.

The position in which it resides, ie the islet has been associated with the myth of Theseus, who left here when he took Ariadne from Crete and here he met the god Dionysus fell in love and made her his wife. Portara is now the favorite attraction of the island and photographs have been going around the world, since many people visit them every day and is the ideal location to enjoy a beautiful sunset in the Aegean.