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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию



Greece Travel Guide|Ancient greece

Poseidon is known as the god of the seas and waters

A country like Greece, bordering the greater extent of sea and includes a thousand big and small islands, it could not have a literal sea god. This was the Neptune, one of the twelve Olympian gods, brother of Zeus and Pluto.

Poseidon, like his brothers, he lived the first years of his life in the dark stomach father of Saturn. By the time of his brother, Zeus, a magical herb of Mitidas managed to get them out of the peculiar prison.

There are other myths about the birth of the god thalassoseisti. So, ancient poets tell that Rhea in the case of Neptune managed to fool her husband. Rather than give it to swallow the divine infant, wrapped him in swaddling clothes a newborn horse. Then, not to hear the terrible paidofagos crying baby, Rhea put it to grow between a flock of bleating sheep, the voices of the cover. Even instructed his upbringing in Arni Bride. Some day when Saturn went from there, because more and seemed to listen moroudistiko crying, asked Arni if ​​there was a baby around.

But this perigelastika replied:
- How do you want to find a baby here? Who would give birth, goats and sheep that or I'm not married girl?
So Saturn left disgraced. But now Arni was then the mind does seem suddenly terrible in parts of Titan and discovered the child. If this were to happen, and Neptune would have been swift to huge stomach, but also the very best it would end. So called Telchines, deities similar to the Curetes in Crete, that protected Zeus. Every time the crying newborn, wild Telchines began to dance to earn screams and hitting their spears on earth. In so much panic in such trouble Saturn could not hear anything. Along with Telchines took care of the divine infant and Oceania Kafeira, after asking her aunt Rhea. They say that the heavenly demons in Neptune gave the all-powerful weapon, the trident, but according to other traditions had donated the Cyclopes. Indeed, Neptune, when he grew and matured, he met the sister of his comrades, the Alia and fell in love. Since it had six sons.

Depending on the version of the birth of the god that follows each delivery, sometimes considered less and sometimes greater than Jupiter. However, what made the first years of his life was to help his brothers in order to outplay their father and other Titans and take power into their hands. After that, the three sons of Saturn decided to divide the world. At the suggestion of Zeus divided the world into three territories, the sky, the sea and the underworld. Olympus and the land was common places to visit them whenever they wanted. Because all three wanted the sky and of course nobody did not want to reign in his entire life in Hades, they did draw. Jupiter pulled first and fell to the kingdom of heaven. Neptune pulled was second and the sea. Pluto immediately frowned, but quickly accepted his fate and retired to his dark kingdom.
Neptune, but could not easily digest the victory of Zeus. With a cold heart acknowledged the result, but then had to kontraristei logomachisei and sometimes with his brother until they recognize the eternal sovereignty and omnipotence. So when someone once asked him the will and the sea-god refused to perform, Zeus sent Iris to the ocean palace.

Before he left he said the following words:
- Tell the king that the mighty Poseidon's brother orders him to come immediately to Olympus because he has to assign a job. Otherwise, the terrible wrath will fall upon me and will dissipate.
Just got the message, angry Poseidon ascended to Olympus, and tried to persuade the gods to parity with the father of gods and humans.

- Almighty Olympians, this situation should be clarified once and for all. Our mother Rhea and Saturn had three sons, Jupiter, Pluto and me. We gave away our powers, and one was in the sky, the second the darkness of Hades, and to me the foaming sea. However it is not possible to accept any such threats and bullying of Jupiter.

But the gods looked at each other and without saying a word in sea lord, gave him to understand that they all accept Jupiter as a senior. Then he took a decision that it would never support.

In another case appears to ally with Hera, Athena and Apollo to get the power of Zeus, trying to tie him up with invisible chains from the sky. After the failure of this effort, the sygnefosynachtis Zeus decided to punish his brother, forcing him to work in the service of King Laomedon of Troy. The king asked God to build the walls of his city. But when one year has passed and Neptune over the project, refused to give him the agreed fee. Threatened by the fact that we sold for a slave.
Once again acquired his divine power, hard avenged the king but also the entire country. He sent a monster in the Trojan coast, cause irreparable damage and devour too many people. The Trojans called oracle from which chrismodotise how to get rid of the monster had to sacrifice to him the daughter of Laomedon, the Isioni. Once the monster was about to devour the princess, Hercules appeared and saved her.

Another difference between Zeus and Poseidon was the conquest of Thetis. Both gods were impressed by the beauty of Nereid and wanted to join her. But Gaia or Themis prophesied that the son of Thetis would be more powerful than his father. Thus, the two brothers from their fear removed from the beautiful sea view and decided to marry a mortal king Fthia in Pilea.Me over time, Neptune began to realize the superiority of Jupiter, showing him allegiance and offer his assistance whenever they need it. He stood by his side and Titanomachy and Giants. He also helped his brother and in other cases. Calm sea to pass Jupiter on its prey after the abduction of Europe. Helped Leto to find the island Delos to give birth to children, Apollo and Artemis. Finally, Io argued, another lover of Zeus, when persecuted by jealous Hera. In the early days of the creation of the Greek cities, the gods decided to take to protect them from one or more cities each. You'll most important temples were erected, and would become the most lavish feasts and sacrifices dedicated to them. For the performance of a goddess in a town once decided the other Olympians, sometimes some smaller deities and sometimes the king and the inhabitants.

Neptune unfortunately lost lawsuits claiming that every time a city. Known is the conflict with the protection of Hera in the Argolid. The gods have designated as the judges and Inachos Kifiso two rivers and Asterion. They decided in favor of Hera. Then the lord of the sea bed has decided to take revenge. He then dry up all sources of Argolida. According to another version rocked with the trident of the sea, lifted a huge tidal wave and flooded the country. In the same way Neptune was forced to cede the island of Aegina to Zeus, Apollo in Delphi, Naxos, and Dionysus in Athens to Athena. Moreover, the Sun claimed the region of Corinth. Then Vriareos had appointed judge gave the Sun Acrocorinth and the rest of the Isthmus to Poseidon.

Neptune was of course, like other gods, a grand palace on Mount Olympus, which was made by Hephaestus.

In what was left when required to attend a major gathering of the gods to get some great decision.
Another time he went to celebrations were held in Greece's highest peak, either in response to an immortal wedding or the birth of a new god, or the anniversary of a victory. If, however, was lord of the sea and there spent most of his time, had the gold one into the vast palace of the seabed. Corals and shells adorned strangely beautiful, accommodation of the submarine. Huge diamonds lampokopousan and lit so the dark depths. Thousands of goldfish and followed him everywhere caring tended to be the blue robe. At the entrance of the palace two huge marine seahorses vigilantly guarded day and night. When the respected Lord of the bottoms out of his palace to ascend to the surface, all the beasts of the Ocean recognized his master and displace them to pass.

Legal sea god's wife is Amphitrite, one of the daughters of Nereus. Once when God was passing from Naxos met the Nereids playing on the coast with a colorful landscape. The Amphitrite stood out from all the sisters for their beauty and grace. Poseidon fell in love first sight, kidnapped her and brought her to a cave where he married and took up with her. But there is a different version that describes the most divine copulation episodically. The Amphitrite not like Neptune and resisted. He managed to escape, jumped into the blue waters of the sea and perished. In vain the searching in all the coasts and in all the caves. Raises the rocks and shaken the sand of the sea to no avail. One day he sat sad and thoughtful on a rock, a dolphin approached him and asked him because he was embarrassed. When Poseidon explained, marine hull master promised that he would find the Amphitrite. So he traveled for days and found it close to Africa in the Atlas. Then a scherzo and games managed to lure in front and led to Poseidon. The kosmoseistis King, to thank his assistant, made him later constellation. From the union of Poseidon and the Nereid born a son, Triton, and two daughters, Rhodes and Venthesikymi.

The sea-god had numerous extramarital relationships with goddesses, nymphs and mortal father and considered some of the most famous bandits of antiquity and many of the terrible monsters. But he left descendants who were honored heroes, founders and founding families very major cities. In this subject was much more fortunate than his brother Zeus.

The jealous Amphitrite and her husband as Hera. There is only one single myth about the vengeance of the sea goddess.
When Neptune was once in love with the nymph Scylla, Amphitrite threw the source where the bride bathed magic herbs, with effect Panoras whose daughter was transformed into a horrible monster.

At the time Demeter searched the earth for all to find her daughter, Persephone, who was abducted by Pluto, Neptune was madly in love wi