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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Pozar the spa of Almopia


Greece Travel Guide|Greek Nature

The Pozar (Loutraki) Almopia in the province, 13 km. northwest of Pozar, in Pella.

Pozar lie at the foot of Mount Pella, a few kilometers from the border Greece-skopia .The site is built on the banks of thermopotamou that crosses the region. The spa, hot water with constant temperature of 37oC, gush over thousands of years from the mountain, creating a spectacular landscape of mountain and forest.

Visitors arrive at the Spa from every corner of Greece or to accept the beneficial properties of the hot water (treatment - relaxing), or to escape to the beautiful mountains with caves, and either
two. The facilities of the complex are organized in a small spa with hotels, swimming pools, changing rooms, restaurants, bars, offering every possible service to the bather.
Today, ongoing projects that utilize the unique natural beauty and local attractions such as:

* The gorge of the Baths and the surrounding mountainous area, ideal for walking, hiking and excursions.
* The cave park of the Baths.
* Local products and textiles.

Hot springs
The hot springs baths of Loutraki or Pozar Baths, spurting at an altitude of 360 m -390
Created by rain water that penetrates the ground and reaches a great depth, where it is heated, and rises higher in the course is enriched with minerals and other ingredients.
The healing properties of water are recommended for diseases of the circulatory and respiratory system, rheumatism, gynecological and skin diseases. Also, appropriate drinking therapy for liver disease, kidney, bile, digestive and urinary tract.

The gorge
The canyon extends from the Greek border to the Baths, the stream is Nicholas. In a uniquely beautiful area, rich in wildlife and unspoiled vegetation and waterfalls. Paved pathways, benches and paths, extending parallel to the thermopotamo with hot water but the river with the cold, clear water. Specially shaped wooden bridges help the visitor to follow the mountain trails and reach the caves.