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Prousou Abbey Monastery


Greece Travel Guide|Religious Tourism

Prousou Abbey Monastery is Located 31 km south of Karpenisi is the Monastery Bursa (or Proussos)

Prousou Abbey is built in an imposing landscape, a steep and rocky area between the mountains Chelidona, Kaliakouda and mountain Timfristos. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, whose memory is honored on August 23. The name of the monastery due to the miraculous image of "Lady Prousiotissa" which comes from Bursa, Asia Minor and is supposed to work of St Luke. According to tradition, the monastery founded in the 9th century, when he was Emperor Theophilos who was iconoclast. In fear of damaging the image, fled to Central Greece.

The young man took her along with his servant, decided to establish a monastery here, and found that it was impossible to move the image from there. The monks themselves were the names Dennis and Timothy. Despite the inaccessibility of the area, the monastery remained active all the years that followed. In 1587 a fire caused extensive damage and in 1748 the monastery was Stavropegic, which reports directly to the Ecumenical Patriarch. In 1821 became a refuge for many fighters as Katsantonis Lambros, Kara George, Mark Botsaris etc. In the years that followed its release, the monastery declined economically. On August 16, 1944, the Germans burned a large part of the monastery and destroyed many artifacts, utensils, books and manuscripts, but saved the image of the Virgin, which was placed in a crypt. After the Civil War began rebuilding and in the years that followed restored completely. The monastery operates the "History of the museum" with interesting exhibits, such as images from the 15th century, sacred vessels, reliquaries, chalices, manuscripts, the chariots of Karaiskakis Mr. A.