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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Rafting in Greece


Greece Travel Guide|Greek Nature

Wear a helmet and life jacket, take the oars and of course ... your friends and we left for the exciting rafting rivers in Greece, in landscapes of incomparable beauty and wild vegetation, with waterfalls, canyons and clear water.

Rafting started in Greece almost systematically in the early 90s. It is said that the first rafters were in Greece PPC workers trying to repair damage in inaccessible areas using inflatable boats in the river!

In recent years however, the rafting as a hobby-that is, river rafting in inflatable boat-has become more and more followers in various parts of Greece and the world. This is a sport that combines action and contact with nature and requires cooperation, goodwill and sociability.

In rafting, the river flow is what determines the course, while the oars are used to avoid obstacles and any emergency. The boats usually fit 6-10 people and the driver, depending of course on their size.

The ideal season for rafting is appropriate when the prevailing weather conditions during the autumn, winter and spring period, ie when weather, but rain and rivers have enough water.

Rafting can make everyone from 10 years old and up, depending on their experience, their physical condition and degree of difficulty of the route. The difficulty levels vary depending on the volume of water and the morphology of the river, from 1 to 6 and intermediate grades of "+". Grades 1 and 6 are noteworthy as they respond to simple ... boating and sport professionals, respectively. The intermediate grades ranging from moderate river crossings, small vortices, low speed, easily overlooked signs and stop, so waves and increased speed, narrower passages, hidden barriers and waterfalls.

In Greece there are many offices organizing outdoor activities that offer rafting and have trained staff that can help beginners and provide a safe route. Their prices start at around € 30 per person and can reach up to 120 euros, depending on the days, the degree of difficulty and other benefits (travel, accommodation, food etc.)

Participants wear swimwear, sportswear or uniform, depending on the weather. Essential is also the helmet and jacket, provided by the organizers. View Greek rivers suitable for rafting:

Voidomatis and Aoos in Konitsa

The Voidomatis (one of the cleanest rivers in Europe) is an ideal river for beginners because the difficulty level of not greater than 2 and is offered from October through May. Starting from high, crosses a magnificent gorge and ends with the descent a fall from an artificial waterfall Kleidonia Bridge, a 1.5 hours journey.

Unlike the river for rafting Aoos offered throughout the year. The upper part reaches the 4th level of difficulty while the lower part, after his association with Voidomatis followed a quieter course second degree.

Arachthos and Kallarytikos Epirus

The Arachthos the impressive beauty of the Canyon and the spectacular waterfall, has difficulty passes from 2 + to 3 in the small path (bridge-bridge Politsa Plaka) and up to 4 large (Tsimpovo-plate). The entrance to the narrow canyon Arachthos is impressive with 700m vertical cliffs., While in the gorge stands the tallest arch bridge in Greece, the bridge of Plaka. The route Arachthos Kallarytikos-B is for experienced, with 4 levels of difficulty and 4 +.

To Serres Aggitis

The Aggitis River begins just below the cave of Mara in Drama but most of it lies within the boundaries of Serres prefecture, 50 kilometers east of the city. A 15 km route is divided into two levels of difficulty and 3 + 2: a) 1.30 hours advanced with many variations and b) mild, without much difficulty, ideal for beginners and children over 10 years. Suitable access points is the area of ​​"Blue Water" and the station Angistas.

Penaeus Olympus

Penaeus, very near Larissa, also offers two different options for rafting in the area: a) narrow "Vernezi" with lots of water and continuous passages 3 and 4 points for a lot of action and b) the valley of Tempe with calm waters and navigation among dense vegetation, ideal for beginners and families with children.

Achelous, and Tavropos Trikerioti Evritania

The Achelous is the second longest river in Greece and the descent of the imposing gorge, is ideal for those who want to try rafting for the first time. The Tavropos River (Megdovas otherwise), one of the most quiet and rivers suitable for rafting, with difficulty 2, while Trikerioti starting from the village Dipotama, with constant and sharp turns, has difficulty in third grade and is offered from October to May.

Aspropotamos Meteora

Aspropotamos is the upper part of the Achelous, located in the central Pindos. The Three Rivers area, center is hosting a downhill rafting. It's second and third degree of difficulty, with constant changes in the course of the river and stunning nature all the way.

Evinos in Nafpaktos

Evinos is a beautiful river that flows into the Gulf of Patras. He is calm river, with lush vegetation and is ideal for inexperienced, having difficulty 2. The route is approximately 10km. and the descent lasts approximately 2 hours, until the location Chani Bania.

Ladon and Achaia Erymanthos

The Ladon is a quiet river has enough water from October to May and offers a lush lowland route for rafting, the borders of Arcadia and Achaia, easy and ideal for beginners. The journey takes about 1.30 hours depending on water level.

The rafting Erymanthos requires previous experience and fitness and offers moments of tension and pleasure for experienced rafters.

Lucius and Alpheus in Arcadia

The Lucius and Alpheus offer some very interesting routes for rafting: the short route starts from Lucio, down to his association with Alfeio continues even several arched bridge leads to the Cuckoo with difficulty 3. The great still about as many miles, with passages that make up the grade 3 + and ends near the village of Matesi. Great Gorge, beautiful nature and hidden waterfalls will enyposiasoun.

Venetian Aliakmonas, Mileopotamos Grevena

Downloading of Venetikos River (a tributary of Aliakmonas) is easy (second degree, village Eleftherohori-Love), but very impressive. After his association with Aliakmonas "get angry", and the rafting is interesting enough to reach up and difficulty of the 3 + from October to May. The route starts from the bridge between the villages Trikomo - Monachiti third grade and is made even more impressive in the 4 stone bridges.

The Mileopotamos (narrow tributary of Venice), offers a challenging downhill consecutive passes third, fourth and fifth grade alpine scenery among towering pines of Pindus, leading to very impressive Canyon Cave.

Search the Web companies that organize trips rafting, depending on the place where you and combine your trip with a river boat ride ... naturally!