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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Religious Tourism

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Greece is a perfect place for Religious Tourism, momuments are found all over Greece

Religious Tourism in Greece

Visit Meteora   The most significant and exciting activities in Kalambaka and Meteora are: For the adventurous, climb the rocks of Meteora, which hide many unexplored beauties. Visit Meteora
Traditional Easter in the Greek islands   TheTraditional Easter in the Greek islands options are endless and you cover all tastes and requirements:Traditional Easter in the Greek islands
Tinos the holy Island   Tinos is the central Cyclades. Tinos the holy Island
The church of St. Catherine at Heraclion Crete   The church of St. Catherine is located in the center of Heraklion, north of the sanctuary of St. Mina. Survives from the period of Venetian domination and was Metochion at Mount Sinai.The church of St. Catherine at Heraclion Crete
St. Theodora Vasta- Agia Theodora Vasta   St. Theodora Vasta- Monument and testimony of another eraSt. Theodora Vasta- Agia Theodora Vasta
Prousou Abbey Monastery   Prousou Abbey Monastery is Located 31 km south of Karpenisi is the Monastery Bursa (or Proussos)Prousou Abbey Monastery
Panagia of Tinos Church   Panagia of Tinos ChurchPanagia of Tinos Church
Monasteries and Churches of Skopelos   Skopelos has a very remarkable religious tradition and the island monasteries and churches are monumental value,Monasteries and Churches of Skopelos
Mary Koumbelidiki Church   Mary Koumbelidiki Church is the only church of Kastoria has a dome and this feature arises because the prosonymio Koumpe (kubbe) in Turkish means dome.Mary Koumbelidiki Church
Easter at Ionian Islands   Easter at Corfu Zakynthos kefalonia and Lefkada is an excelent experienceEaster at Ionian Islands
Easter at Hydra and Skiathos   Strange Easter tradition live the visitors of the Island of Hydra and SkiathosEaster at Hydra and Skiathos
Church of St. Andrew   Church of St. Andrew at PatraChurch of St. Andrew