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Roman Odeon of Kos


Greece Travel Guide|Archeological places

Northwest of the ancient theater of Kos is the Roman Odeon.

According to information from the conservatory was built on the ruins of an earlier building, which is assumed to chrisimopoiountan as deputies of the city. The conservatory, built between the 1st and 2nd century AD were used to hold music events, and also as the seat of gerousias.To Conservatory had a capacity of 750 people and was originally housed.

The seats were of marble and separated by a corridor into two tiers. Also, under the seats of the Conservatory had formed a series of rooms used as shops or ergastiria.I scene was not the usual scene with two semicircles entrances but had shaped pentagon with three entrances. Today, the Roman Odeon has been restored and hosts various cultural events.