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Saint George Village Tradition at Veria


Greece Travel Guide|Greek Tradition

Saint George Village is a beautiful place, a large settlement of Imathia.

Unity is the City Municipal Veria and in the 2001 census was 1,682 residents. Connected to the city of Veria with urban transport which is frequent there every hour route, and distance from the city of Veria is 9.5 km or 14 minutes journey by car and with the town of Naoussa 14.2 km or 20 minutes ride drive the village is almost in the heart of the county and has quite a good road network which facilitates travel to and from the village until 1935 the position of the village was in the area around the church of St. George (now called pasture) and along the bed of the Trench 66 that because of the flood of 1935 was forced to move the entire village to its present position.

Employment of residents:

The inhabitants are mainly engaged in agriculture on a smaller scale farming and even less with the wine, but produce very good raki which is used mainly for domestic use. The village is famous for peaches produced in the region as well as for high quality vegetables and what specifically are the peppers produced by approximately 70% of total production in the country to St. George.

Businesses operating in the area:

In many cooperatives operate private or government who are responsible for receiving, processing, packaging and promotion of fresh fruits and vegetables, vegetables in the home but in exoteriko.Episis no industrial manufacturing plant of peach juice and compost as unit for the manufacture of vinegar.
Inside the village there are all the necessary shops to serve the basic needs and not just the residents.

The Colde is Christmas Eve traditional custom. The name comes from the Cold native word "glues" that means slaughtering and refers to the massacre of children by Herod. Young children pick up tree roots several days earlier. Late in the evening light Cold roots are in a single fire which gathered all the villagers. But the past was Cold in each neighborhood. When dawn kids come out and shout "Cold Dad, Cold dente" and people give them candy, nuts, tangerines and money. Previously, however, gave them slanina say fat from pork, dried figs and throwing seeds to have a good harvest.

The Sourva

The dawn is Sourva New Year. It was a fire lit on the residents in each neighborhood. But today this custom is not done by all the residents of St. George.

The custom of marriages

Before a marriage in the old village friends of the groom who called them "bratimia" horses went to the home of the bride and whoever arrived first got the bride a white scarf.
Traditional Custom

The traditional Christmas begins on November 14 is St. Philip. From that day to St. Spyridon made after marriage and did not marry by Christmas.
Then comes St. Egnatios, then the landlord will be slaughtered the pig and the housewife would put a shovel in coals and incense and the landlord got stafrone.O blood to crucify the door of his house for fear of evil spirits.

The feast day for St George and the church is 23 Avgoustou.Kathe year with celebratory way celebrated nine days of the Virgin.
The celebration begins with the sequence of the village church and the procession of the holy image with the accompaniment of the band. After the church follow events in the village primary school.
Platform has been erected specially for the gala program that includes traditional songs and tunes that we shudder traditional Greek, which dance groups from cultural organizations throughout the county. The celebration ends with a greeting. mayor and representatives of the prefectural government, which always present there