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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию



Greece Travel Guide|Greek Mountains

Samarina remote villages hidden in mountains and forests, rivers plangent, shady ravines, snow-capped peaks.

In this corner of the Macedonians land lies all the magic of the wilderness, but the bucolic charm of mountain communities with cultural structures rooted in the depths of time

The most famous Vlach village of Pindos, Samarina is built at an altitude of 1,500 meters in the eastern foothills of Smolikas. In summer the population reaches 5,000 residents! The rest of the time but the only traces of human presence implied the minimum chimney hostel, almost heroic, daring to operate, even within the "white ... exclusion "of the heavy winter! Formerly flourished in Samarina a bustling mountain community. There were wood crafts and wool processing.
Samarina, the highest village in Greece as proudly say Vlach inhabitants, is literally and practically legend Smolikas with incredible wealth of traditions.

The "children of the village," as residents call the tough folk song, with the first cold took their flocks and descend to winter quarters in Thessaly. In the spring, just covered in thick grass pastures, returning again to the village.

Together with the chief shepherds came and loggers, the breeders, the saddler, the farrier ...

The Samariniotis kyrantzides (mule drivers) lead the caravans through the rough paths of Pindus in the cities, bringing with goods and culture of mountain herder xomachon. The origins of the inhabitants of this pure Vlach villages has not been established. According to one version, Koutsovlach moved north from the area, while another version of the natives who wants eklatinistikan. Anyway, considered among the finest pieces of Hellenism.
Over Samarina panorama of peaks of old pops Smolikas impressive skyline.

Coming from Grevena to the village level Alatopetra leave behind the convoy of vehicles heading to the ski resort of Vasilitsa and follow the asphalt road that winds between wooded cliffs and passes. We pass the villages and Aetia Filippaioi and end up in Samarina, the erstwhile hill state has known days of glory.

The first impression of the village from afar, is superb: The large village standing at the foot of the second highest mountain in Greece, under the snow-to late-May to Acroria with the latest neighborhoods to touch on the wooded outskirts. From near the picture changes as the alteration of architectural character of the settlement, due to the growing, controversial aesthetics, construction can not be hidden.
The famous church of the village dedicated to the Virgin Mary is the largest Vasilikitis Pindos.

However Samarina has many attractions, including the pride of Samarinioton, the magnificent church of Virgin Mary Basilica, the largest of the Pindos-centuries-old pine roots in the sanctuary.