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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию



Greece Travel Guide|Greek Islands

Samothrace compines mountains and sea. Samothrace, an island that combines everything and will definitely steal your heart with its beauty.

Blue water, beautiful beaches and lush, mountainous vegetation that justifies the title "mountain island". Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Samothrace. It is an ideal holiday location for those wanting to make diving in the crystal clear waters and take refuge from the heat in the shade of an old plane!

At first glance at the port of Samothrace, Kamariotissa will understand the difference. Unlike most islands, the town of Samothrace not identical to the main port. You will find the "perched" in the interior of the island.

Once you secure your property in a hotel of the country or port, start exrefniseis.

The town is just 6 km from the port, is perched on the slopes of two mountains and built like an amphitheater, offering spectacular views and breathtaking. The whitewashed houses with their roofs Keramoti and quaint cobbled streets leading to the proclamation of the capital of a listed village of Samothrace in 1978.

Start your wanderings from the Leaning Tower, built by Frankish conquerors in the 13th century, and look for the unique symbols of the Palaiologos family. Make a stop to cool off around the main square and then a walk uphill to the streets followed by a visit to the Folklore Museum and the Church of the Assumption.

And because the mountain air of the island will surely have appetite, stop in a tavern or in a tavern of the many that you find around the square and sample the delights of the island.

Mysterious atmosphere on the island of Victory. All of Samothrace is in fact a huge mountain (called Moon), draped in wet embrace of the sea. It is said that the ancient god Poseidon sat on top of Mount Saos (the ancient name of the mountain) and watched the fighting on opposite Ilion between Achaeans and Trojans. Scent of historical memory is emerging across the island of Samothrace and there lies the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, who must visit.

Sacrifice a morning swim and instead head to the great temple, where in 1860, the French archaeologist Samouazo, discovered the famous statue of Nike of Samothrace, which now adorns the Louvre in Paris.

In the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, Kabeiroi (mystical deities of Phrygia) instituted the famous Kaveiria Mysteries, one of the most exciting rites of antiquity. The lush landscape combined with the mysterious character of the area offered for initiation rituals of Kaviria.

If you stand very lucky and your visit coincides with full moon may be able to enjoy a truly magical evening, those organized by the municipality in sacred space. This is a unique experience hard to forget.

Forests and rivers beside the sea if you visit the Sanctuary of the Great Gods amaze you, get ready for a second surprise. Start from the port, Kamariotissa and follow the signs leading to Paleopolis. From there a short walk will take you to beautiful Cape Slayer, one of the most beautiful locations on the island.

Start from the medieval Tower of murderers and head to the waterfall, where, among the dense vegetation and steep cliffs formed small lakes with cold water to create a landscape of exotic beauty.

Do not hesitate to dive into the crystal clear waters and swimming in the "Murderer" is a unique experience hard to live in any other Greek island. Be careful though, because the water is unusually cold even in the heart of the summer!

En route, you will find slopes covered with dense forests, steep valleys and impressive gorges, that will make you almost forget you are on an island. Picturesque villages also deserve your attention is Xiropotamos and Prophet Elias, where you will relax drinking your coffee in the shade of trees.

Wonderful, clean seas await you across the island of Samothrace who has nothing to envy from the cosmopolitan Cyclades, the Ionian or Dodecanese .. Especially during the summer months, the beaches of Samothrace filled with visitors mainly from North Greece, which is preferred due to proximity.

The best beach on the island is by far the Pachyammos that attracts many visitors due to the crystal clear waters and beautiful sand.

And as always the time to go back is somewhat ... uncomfortable, "sweeten" the taking away your traditional sweet praousti or walnut. Throughout the island of Samothrace, you will find beautifully woven, made by the women of the villages and should not forget to buy local cheese and honey. And most importantly: "imprisoned" in your nostrils the smell of the sea plane side breeze. A fragrance that will surely regain elsewhere ...

How to get there:

-Boat: from Alexandroupoli by ferry in about 1 ½ hours you will spend in Samothrace. Tel Saos Ferries: 25510-38503. In summer there are some extraordinary trips to Samothrace from the port of Kavala.