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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию



Greece Travel Guide|Travel and tourism

Sivota Located in Thesprotia between Parga and Igoumenitsa. From Igoumenitsa is 24 km away

At Summer is the best time to visit Sivota to enjoy the beautiful beaches. The ideal is to avoid the August (especially weekends) gathered much visitors.

There are many taverns and restaurants around the harbor and along the waterfront. A good proposal that gets some of the restaurants of the waterfront restaurant is the "Guardian" with tables on the beach. The ideal time to get there a little before dark, where the environment was very nice. The food was nothing special and normal values. For four starters and 2 main courses we paid 36 euros and our cherries and cake for dessert. We also ate pizza at Mediteraneo will find on the street from the waterfront. Pretty good pizza and very helpful and friendly staff. But he had too many people and just take too long to be served (no pizza 25 minutes). For two pizzas, a salad, 3 beers and a coke we paid 35 euros. The best food we ate at the family restaurant "Estia" Plataria the village is on the main road just before the junction leading to the village center. Traditional tavern beneath trees, very good food and attentive service. It has meat and very tasty pizza. Prices were excellent and we paid only 26 euros for five courses.

The main reason for visiting Sivota are fantastic beaches. We went to the following: 1) Bella Breeches - follow the climb starting from the restaurant "Guardian" in the harbor. It is an idyllic place of rare natural beauty. The beach is the island Mourtemeno but when we went we had a narrow strip of sand and did not need to cross the sea (50 meters is different with the water reaching to the knees too). There is a small piece of beach strip is where else would follow a small path leading to the beach. The beach is shallow, crystal-clear, turquoise waters and pebbles. There were some chairs but no shop or canteen for water, coffee and the like. 2) Holy Friday - Partridge on the way to turn the display on the beach - bar «Island" and will follow this path until the end of which terminates in a parking. Formidable waters and across the beach there is a small island can be reached by swimming. The beach was a pebble out and in some places had some stones. It is organized and two loungers with an umbrella cost us 6 euros. Brown water and sandwiches will be available from the beach bar mentioned above. 3) Great Sand - and this is the way to Partridge but quite close to Agia Paraskevi. It was the most cosmopolitan beach with shops that we visited for lunch and some coffee nearokosmo. And that was a nice beach, but the peak was too crowded. 4) where Northwest and near the center of the village are the beaches of French Molos (sign in palm beach) and Zeri (follow signs for the restaurant Stavedo). It was not bad but I think the beaches mentioned above are better. In the shop there Zeri Torro a Mare that has a pool and water slides. It is situated in a prime location with wonderful views and also functions as a cafe - estiatorio.5) The beach pool but in which you can go by boat or boat. The beach was really great as a pool water while the larger part had shade and is under large rocks. The beach however is very small and the situation was hopeless from the crowds, boats and jet skis that many are left unconscious on the beach and the many boats leaving the beach in the world. To go to the beach we paid 10 euros per person and will have to pay 5 euros (more in "What to Watch").

The perfect place for family holidays, as we have seen too many families. As mentioned above the beach there are water slides and Zeri at the entrance of the village saw amusement park with bumper cars.