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St. Theodora Vasta- Agia Theodora Vasta


Greece Travel Guide|Religious Tourism

St. Theodora Vasta- Monument and testimony of another era

The miracle unfolds on your eyes. Seventeen trees huge jump from the roof, while the foundations of the waters gush a headboard. Thousands of pilgrims visit the church throughout the year to worship and admire this unique group, an inexplicable miracle of nature that dominates in this peaceful setting.

The visit to St. Theodora is a day trip from Athens. It is worth visiting even point as a detour on the way to Kalamata.

The chapel of Saint Theodora is a worthwhile destination, either in terms of religion, whether naturalistic or purely tourist excursion search. But it is also a very common and short most popular destination from villages like Karytaina, Dimitsana and Andritsaina.

saint theodora vasta

Saint Theodora can be found in the book "Guinness"

Guinness World Records Brave chapel headed by the Guinness Book of Records, the church of St. Theodora Hold Megalopolis to the village of Arcadia. This temple dedicated to the memory of Saint Theodora built in the 12th century creates admiration and questions the visitor-pilgrim. The temple is built on rocky ground with walls 70 cm thick and is surrounded by 17 old trees that surround the temple. Trees and branches involved in the roof and walls to protect the church from the elements and each profane hand. While waiting for after so many centuries that have passed, and see only ruins realize that the church is in excellent condition.
The Life of Saint Theodora became a film and religious work is already beginning to appear.

How to find Agia Theodora Vasta



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