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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию



Greece Travel Guide|Greek Islands

Syros is the stately capital of the Cyclades and beauty.

Almost in the middle of the Cyclades, the relatively small in size island of Syros, managed to stand out from old to become the capital of the cluster, but today is a cultural and administrative center of the Cyclades and one of the most popular destinations.

Almost in the middle of the Cyclades, the relatively small in size island of Syros, managed to stand out and become the capital of the cluster, while the strategic position of its natural harbor made it a passage cultures. Developed especially after 1826, when refugees settled there from Psara, Smyrna and Chios was navy, industrial and cultural center of the new Greek state. Syros also created the first shipping company Elladas, but also the first modern shipyards. Neorio was the largest industrial unit on the island and one of the most important nafpigikoepiskefastikes bases in Greece.

The modern Syrian of approximately 20,000 residents, boasts outstanding neoclassical architecture and the nobility, for its culture and beauty.

Arriving at one port, facing the capital Hermoupolis amphitheater spread out on two hills, up the coast around the port. On top of two hills and is dominated by two churches, the Byzantine, Orthodox Church of the Resurrection on the hilltop and Vrontados cathedral, baroque Catholic church of St. George, the opposite hill of Ano Syros.

Ano Syros (the highest part of Syros) is the "balcony" of the city, with narrow streets and white Cycladic houses with basil and bougainvilleas and a view over the harbor, which enchants. There you will find the renovated home that houses the museum Vamvakari Mark, with photographs and personal belongings, and the square that bears his name.

Lower, to the sea, "symbols" of the island is the famous town hall, the work of Ernst Ziller, Miaoulis Square with the statue of Andreas Miaoulis and Agios Nikolaos, near the district Vaporia (with imposing mansions that overlook the sea) that stands out for its beauty and its imposing size. Near the square, and the Apollo theater, a miniature of La Scala, Milan, and generally the whole area seems to retain something of its former glory, when assembled the nobility of the city and has been designated National Historic Landmark and protected settlement.

Unlike most other islands, Syros is still alive and in the winter. Important role played by university students in schools that are there, but the cultural activity that exists on the island: theatrical and film performances, music events, seminars and exhibitions.

Miaoulis Square lies in the Cultural Centre and the Municipal Library, which features rare material on the history of Syros island while also working in libraries, the historical record Cyclades, Mark Vamvakari museum, historical folklore museum, industrial museum and Syros Archaeological Museum of Syros.

Apart from Ermoupoli, Syros are small resorts, fishing villages, countryside and beautiful beaches.

The northern part of the island is mountainous and inaccessible, but with amazing landscapes and scenic beauty, few paths, bridges and pristine beaches, while in the south, lowlands are part of most settlements and beaches. There, the road network is excellent and the roads connecting all villages with each other and with Ermoupoli and hotel facilities are modern and organized beaches.

The Delagratsia or Posidonia, was once a summer resort for the aristocracy and is adorned with impressive mansions and neoclassical buildings. Of particular beauty is the small and sheltered bay of Vari and Kini, west of the island, offers traditional tavernas with fresh fish.

As for the beaches, Ermoupolis, you may find this of St. Nicholas, in the district Vaporia the amount to five shillings, and the Vangelidi Waves. But Galissas beach, with its beautiful beach and the Agathopon rykia along the west, are the most known and popular.

The weights, in the south east of Syros, near the homonymous village, is also a nice beach, Megas Gialos has two sandy beaches, where there are trees.

In Komitades quiet beach you can swim and relax in the shade of the trees that make and Kini, Dolphin is the beach, with crystal clear waters and golden sand.

Other small, beautiful beaches of Syros are the letters, the Desert Creek Lia, Barbara, marble and the Eagle, where you can reach by boat.

Well known and loved is Syros cheese "Like Mike", a hard, yellow cheese made exclusively on the island. It's based on pasteurized cow's milk and since 1996 has been officially recognized as a PDO product Syros also produced excellent "Kopanisti" raw milk that has not undergone heat treatment, and the famous "skordoloukanika."

In the rocky hills of the island of Syros gather thyme, sage, oregano, chamomile and other herbs, and capers to taste.

Finally, it is well known the delights (over 20 different species) and chalvadopites of Syros, which are pastries with excellent flavor and low fat.

How to get there:

-Boat from Piraeus, Rafina and Thessaloniki in schedules conventional ships and high speed. By boat the journey takes about 4.30 hours, while the dolphin trip takes 2.30 hours from the port of Piraeus and 2 hours from Rafina.