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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

The City of Feneos


Greece Travel Guide|Greek Mountains

Western Corinthia is the area of Feneos, characterized by landscapes in paintings and pictures of Switzerland, with sights and natural beauties, and its distance from Athens makes a tempting destination for short trips.

The City of Feneos located on the west side of the prefecture of Corinth a strongly sloping ground (base altitude of 912 m and 1024 m peak). Feneos The ancient city-state was the Arcadia by the largest and most important cities. Today the ancient city has been excavated and can be visited. They found the ancient walls, the temple of Asclepius, many remains of buildings, statues and statues and billboards members located in the archaeological museum in Messina. Also, visitors can see and sinks which exist and function today.

The mountainous region extends over a large plateau, crowned by densely wooded mountains, adjoining the west with the prefecture of Achaia and the southern prefecture of Arcadia. Includes part of Helmos, most of the terms Kyllini (or and former Mosias communities, Messina, Matisse, Ancient Feneos (Kalivia), Gouras, Strait, Feneos (Syvistas), Panorama and Tarsus, based in Goura.

Erimochoria in the Upper and Lower Tarsus, the most important attraction is the desert monastery of Our Lady of the Rock, built in the shadow of a huge rock that brings visitors associations from Meteora and offers wonderful views of the Ziria, especially on winter afternoons.

From the historic monastery of Saint-George was founded in the 14th century and during the years of the Revolution of '21 had worked as Headquarters Company of Friends, the road leads to Syvista, Steno and Goura. After the Strait continues north along the river and Olvio bypass west to Tarsus leads Feneos with traditional stone houses and the Folklore Museum, filled with memories and traditions of the place.

Goura, admire the beautiful square with its imposing stone church, and the mansions of the 19th century, houses of the chieftains of the Revolution. There you will find houses and taverns, and shops where you can buy local meats and traditional products.

Gouras south of Messina and is located very close to him, a little west, lie the ruins of Ancient Feneos. Strait, a beautiful village, almost untouched by time, the visitor can make a stop to quench their thirst at the fountain in the village, which derives from ... the tree of the square, ingenious trick of residents. Following the road north, following the bed of the river Olvio, the scenery is delightful in the forest.
Slightly higher than the basin Feneos, surrounded by mountains and Aroania Kyllini tops, is the deep blue lake Glory, at an altitude of 900 meters, which the dam serves the irrigation needs of crops in the region and made ​​the area even most beautiful, giving the ecological interest.

The history of Lake Feneos seems very old and follows the history of the area. Within the lake, on a narrow strip of land, rises the church of St. Fanourios or Paleomonastiro, while the wooded mountain overlooking the monastery Feneos. The road around the lake is ideal for walking and cycling, but also rides horses.