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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

The Silk Museum in Soufli


Greece Travel Guide|Museums

The Silk Museum in Soufli first opened in 1990 and presents all phases and all stages of sericulture and silk pre-industrial,

The Silk Museum in Soufli has important social and economic context that made the region an important center metaxoparagogo of Greece from the late 19th until the mid-20th century.

The building that houses the museum was the old mansion of the physician, politician and scholar Constantine Kourtidi (1870-1944). To1883 built by local craftsmen, the house is a remarkable example of urban architecture in the region. In 1976, donated by his daughter, Maria-Kourtidi Pastra to become Silk Museum. 15 years later, was one of the first thematic museums technical civilization of Greece.

The report witnessing the hatching of silkworm eggs and the rearing of silkworms in mulberry leaves (sericulture) to tinyfansi the silky bubble (the hood), the "unfolding" of precious yarn and processing of silk (silk).
Short texts, authentic objects, archival and synchronesfotografies, multimedia documentaries and introduce the visitor stinistoria silk (ground floor), sericulture, the procedure for rearing silkworms, and processing of silk (first floor), projecting, while the toil of the people who connected their lives with this demanding crop.

The Silk Museum in Soufli owned network of thematic Technology Museum of Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP). Based on the latest and valid scientific data and focusing on modern museological conceptions, the re-opening and expansion of the museum was observed. The project was included in the Regional Operational Program of Eastern Macedonia - Thrace 2000-2006 and was funded by the Third Community Support Framework.

In order to focus on education and creativity, the multipurpose room of the museum hosts a variety of activities such as temporary exhibitions, storytelling evenings, educational programs. The Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation, arguing constantly teaching-educational dimension of the network of museums and organize educational activities aimed at creating a network of schools, museums. Particular emphasis is given to children to gain personal experience related to processes of technical civilization, which until now occupies second place in education. Furthermore, educational programs, which will operate pilot at the end of this school year and early next, will introduce children to the cycle of sericulture in the process of weaving and dyeing silk.

Visiting hours

From March 1 to October 15: Daily (except Tuesday) 10 am-6 pm

From October 16 to 28 February: Daily (except Tuesday) 10 am-5 pm

Closed: January 1, 18 January (the feast of the patron St. Athanasius), Good Friday (until 12.00), Easter Sunday, May 1, August 15, 25 and 26 December.

Admission: General Admission: 3 euros. Reduced fee: 1.5 EUR
Guided visits: to better serve groups of visitors should be no prearrangement with the Museum.

People with disabilities (the disabled): The entrance for persons with disabilities are free. For group visits, it is necessary to prearrangement with the Museum.

It seems remote place but if you happen to find yourself in those places is a museum that is worth our attention along with other parts of Evros