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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

The best Greek beaches


Greece Travel Guide|Greek Beaches and Sea

Greek beaches are all around the world as a poster or postcard or as a wonderful memory.

The best Greek beaches and where to find them.
Shipwreck Zakynthos beach celebrity
Perhaps the most much-Greek beach is located on white sandy beach of Zakynthos. The reason for the famous "Shipwreck," the beach got its name from a ship washed up on shore. This famous beach is the most common sight on posters of tourist offices, accessed only by boat and is a must for anyone visiting the beautiful island of Zakynthos.

zakythos beach

If you declare that you go to Kefalonia, the reaction is given: "You go to Myrtos anyway." One of the most famous beaches in Greece, Myrtos impressive, does justice to the millions of fans with just the ... emerald color. If visiting for the first time, enjoy the crystal clear but watch as suddenly deepens ...

myrtos beach

3)-Milos Sarakiniko: just like space

If the Moon had the beach, then you would look with the Milos Sarakiniko. Huge, white rocks carved by the saltiness of the sea rushing waters that burst with force the rocks you to visualize the more "space" Greek beach.

4)-Ikaria Seychelles: heaven, I'm in heaven ...

Go crazy in the Seychelles, as he and an old song but you do not need to migrate to go to Seychelles original. Prefer our own, a lovely beach in Ikaria with perhaps the strangest color water that will ever see! The road to get there, has a particular difficulty, as it is a path between rocks-that is unsuitable for ypsofovikous-but the result will compensate you!

5) Kid-Lefkada Porto: sexy beauty

Voted as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, according to the "book" of travelers, the magazine Conde Nast Traveler. The clear blue waters that will see soon enjoy the steep cliffs that lead you here, you will give evidence of why Greece is considered, and rightly so-as the ultimate summer destination.

6) Egremni-Lefkas many steps, more magic

The name of this beach, reveals much about how to reach it ... Whether you get tired you get down-and-after climbing countless steps, whether you choose the easiest way, the traditional boat ... In any case, the beach will Egremni exceed your expectations and will prove that it was worth it ...

7) Sarakiniko-Gavdos: african beauty

The southernmost point of Europe hides a beach beyond all reason ... The reason the Saracens (eventually "plays" the very name on the beaches) but this time of Gavdos. If you visit the "opposite" African beaches, then Sarakiniko will surely remind you of. Thick sandy beaches, emerald waters and cedars in a totally tropical setting reminiscent not Greece.

8) Beach Simos-Elafonisos: lilies of the sea

For the beach of Simos Elafonisos, certainly needs no introduction. In the southern part of the island right across from the majestic island of Kythira beach of Simos, mentally captures the waters of those who visit. The golden beach with fine sand and the wild white lilies of the sea, put the "Simo" the highest positions of the top 10 best Greek beaches.

9) Balos-Chania: only the best is good enough

There are too many reasons to visit Chania. Balos is definitely one of the main reasons. One of the most exotic beaches of Greece, unfolding before your astonished eyes unable to believe that you are still within Greek borders! But yes. You are the most beautiful country in the world and swim in one of the best beaches worldwide. You think of anything better?

10) Elafonisi-Chania: words are unnecessary

Even an impressive arrival in the wonderful city of Chania. The reason for Elafonisi, with streaks of sand dunes, islands in the sea! Forget that you know so far for Greek beaches and let the mind and soul leaving behind Elafonissi. And be sure to come back soon ...