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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

The bridge in Tsioukari Rodochori


Greece Travel Guide|Greek Mountains

petrina Dipla the bridge on the opposite bank of Pramoritsa-as it comes from someone Rodochori-there is the archaeological site of

The bridge in Tsioukari Rodochori is an ancient settlement with some of the ruins of which built the bridge.

The bridge is located in an area with lush vegetation, just 2.5 kilometers from the settlement of Rodochori. The marked trail starts from the village square, following the forest road. The route is pleasant and easy hike of about 1 hour where he can admire, especially the spring and summer, a huge area of ​​meadows adorned with countless colors.

The bridge connecting the old Tsioukari the settlement of the Rodochori Tsotili. Still used today for passing farm machinery.

It was built with the sponsorship of Demetrius Tsioukari, an emigrant workman Rodochoriti in Istanbul. It is not known the exact date of creation, but the historical evidence reported in 1890. It had five arches, of which two little less divided today because of vegetation and silt. The largest arch which was built and the Creation date of the bridge collapsed in 1955 by the erosion of the base and replaced with a concrete slab.