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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

The traditional villages of Kato Nevrokopi


Greece Travel Guide|Places to visit

At Nevrokopi will find many beautiful small villages where you can enjoy the beauties of nature and the hospitality of their inhabitants. A special experience is a visit to the settlements Pagoneri and margins have been declared protected and traditional.

The City kato-Nevrokopi at Drama is the largest in area in Greece, with 17 local apartments, ideal for tourism all the year round. It is a particularly beautiful corner border in the northeastern part of our country, with people who make over time to maintain its beauty, traditions and daily lives of quiet countryside.

The basin Nevrokopi could be described throughout as "Monument" as it is surrounded by large mountain formations with rich flora and there are many sites that are not easily accessible, making the time to maintain their chastity. Also known for the polar cold, with temperatures in winter reaching below -20 degrees Celsius.

Above this, the center of the county, seem Mount Baldy, observer of neighboring Bulgaria, which is one of the biggest mountains in the country.

The tourist infrastructure of Nevrokopi is proportionate to the needs of the region and of course with great growth potential. You will find hotels and rooms of all categories in Nevrokopi and local departments of Granite, the Volaka and rivers and taverns with traditional recipes in Lefkogia in Granite, the Fort, in Volakas in Pagoneri in most apartments.

But the mountain is not just for the winter, as they are known as "Mountain of Flowers" or "botanical paradise in the Balkans" because of its rich flora. It offers opportunities for hiking, climbing and mountaineering in remote mountains and imposing cliffs or even ice climbing in the 100 meter deep cave of "snowpit." The ecological and aesthetic value of Baldy recognized with its inclusion in the network Natura 2000.

The village of Fort, 40km. from Drama and 3km. by Nevrokopi, well worth a visit, as the village and surrounding mountains are known from the famous line of forts of the Second World War and the heroic resistance of the few Greek soldiers against the German forces in April 1941.

On the hill near the community of Fortress, is the impregnable fortress Lisse, the labyrinthine tunnels and pill-boxes and the small museum that can be visited on 6 April or the first Sunday of the month, when they open the spaces to the public for the anniversary events. At other times the site can be visited in organized mainly holidaymakers, in coordination with the competent military authorities.

Another beautiful place that combines mountain with all sorts of trees is the lake area of ​​Lefkogia, which is used to irrigate the fields throughout the basin and is also part of recreation for food, hunting and fishing, but the lush lake.

You can also make a trip to fabulous Nestos River, between local departments and Mikrokleisouras River and tributary Despati, located in a lush forest.