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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

This is Sparta


Greece Travel Guide|Places to visit

legendary Sparta, the largest in ancient times military power of Greece, is today a city with interesting sights, but also the base for excursions in the surrounding nature and beautiful villages.

Sparta the greatesr military power of ancient Greece, played a catalytic role in history. Sparta located south of the center of the ancient city, near the right of the Eurotas River in the center of the southern Peloponnese.

From ancient Sparta preserved ruins of the temples of Artemis Orthia, Chalkioikos of Athena, Apollo Karneios and Roman theater.

The green valley that stretches around the city is full of olive, orange, lemon, mulberry and other trees, while in the south rises Mount Taygetos with towering peaks and wild beauty. To the east lies the town of Mount Parnon, which is covered with firs and other trees.

After the liberation of the country in 1834, the city was reestablished after the decision of King Otto and an official ceremony took place January 1, 1857 to establish the principles of Mystra, the new city, which was the first in Greece mapped out urban plan : wide and tree-lined streets, large squares, neoclassical buildings and rich water.

As for the Spartans, even admired for their bravery and for having kept alive the Greek values.

Spartans or Lacedaemonians, were known for their bravery and their pride, but for the supremacy of military equipment and their art. The famous Spartan Sparta Education has completely different from other Greek cities and seemed perfectly the purely military character of the Spartans and the awesome military machine that had the city of Sparta.

The Spartans brought heavy weapons, (were trained from 7 years old) and weighed about 60 pounds, the weight as a teenager. The dense layout their war became known as the Spartan phalanx.

Sparta is the financial and commercial center of the county and has many attractions, but also an ideal base for exploring the organization of the county. It has a remarkable archaeological museum with finds from the two sanctuaries of Artemis Orthia and Chalkioikos Athena and the olive museum.

During your tour in Sparta will see the statue of the city legislator Lycurgus, the statue of King Leonidas and Leonidaion, where according to tradition, are buried the bones of the glorious king, and many neoclassical buildings such as the Sainopouleion theater, City Hall and Courthouse.

Also the city has a thriving nightlife that is due in part to the students and the universities and technological institutes. Her heart pounding fun Kleombrotos the pedestrian square in Sparta, which are full most hours of life.

Mystras, the Ancient Sparta, picturesque villages and stunning landscapes, offer interesting excursions around the city of Sparta.

Mystras, the former Byzantine city of the Peloponnese and then spiritual and cultural center of the area included in the list of UNESCO.

It is also worth visiting the picturesque village Anavriti, cheeks Taygetos with spectacular views across the valley of the Eurotas, as well as the two natures of the church of Agios Nikolaos and Demetrios, the Abbey of Revealed and within walking distance, the wooded gorge of Scotland, a magnificent landscape, with streams leading to Mistra.

Visit the Gold villages, Xirokampi, Kastri Kastori, Pellana, but the village Georgitsi with walnut and chestnut trees, the fountains with running water and the perennial plane tree reputed to St. Athanasius.

Taygetus, the natural boundary between the prefectures of Messinia and Laconia, with the top of disappearing into the clouds at an altitude of 2407 meters, offers the most beautiful hiking and walking trails.

Fascinating is the path Sparta - Kalamata through Taygetos. In the same way, the limits with Messinia to visit the mountain park Langadas.