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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Tinos the island of Virgin Mary


Greece Travel Guide|Greek Islands

With dozens of traditional villages, beautiful beaches and the church to the Virgin Mary on a hill overlooking Chora, Tinos is an island that has it all

Most people know Tinos as the island of Virgin Mary because the Church of the Annunciation and one of the most important Orthodox pilgrimages around the world. But Tinos is much more. It is the fourth largest island in the Cyclades (after Naxos, Paros and Andros, with 8,574 inhabitants distributed among 62 villages, scenic and traditional, with natural beauty and beautiful beaches.

Indeed, just how one goes in Tinos, impressed by the magnificent temple of Evangelistria of Tinos, which fits in with the modern history of the modern Greek nation. But as we move to the interior of the country and the island and the spectacular coastline, does not know what to protothafmasei.

Protected from excessive tourism and pretended cosmopolitanism, Tinos offers visitors a quiet holiday in the beautiful villages with dense vegetation, unlike most Cyclades-impressive mansions and attractions.

The patron Lady

The imposing church of the Blessed Virgin (, a hill dominating the country and welcomes visitors from the moment you arrive there. The paved road uphill to the church, starting from the port, while the first impresses the visitor is the imposing mosaic of black and white pebbles that graces the entrance of the temple.

Essentially it is an entire complex, which consists of the main church, other churches, museums, exhibition halls, the mausoleum of the torpedoing of Ellis et al The imposing church, built of white marble, built where they found the miraculous image of the Annunciation, after the vision of the nun Pelagia. Indeed, finding the picture in 1823, it was divine omen for the law and the success of the revolution against the Turks.

The settlements

Most villages of the island is mountainous, with dense woods and traditional stone houses, narrow streets, interesting museums and scenic spots, where you will meet genuine hospitable people.

West Country is the settlement Kionia. In the archaeological site of Kionia, the sanctuary of Poseidon and Amphitrite, and peculiar geological and historical interest of the cavern hull.

With direction from the town to the north lies the valley of Tarambados, many dovecotes which have been restored. It is built of stone and slate and are wonderful monuments of folk architecture.

The largest village in Tinos, after the town is the Tower, a very handsome settlement, which resembles an outdoor museum of folk art and preserves the traditional Cycladic architecture.

Love The village is the oldest of the island with unique architecture and beauty, great arches and houses, while the Eagle Nest, the last village of Kato Meri, was for many years one of the centers of pottery of the Cyclades.

The Volakas is a unique place in the world to form the soil, with rocks scattered like discarded round pellets between barren ground, who form a unique lunar landscape. Among the rocks resting white houses make a spectacle of unprecedented architecture. Inside the village there is a stone summer theater in the summer which organized cultural events.

Set on a verdant and fertile slopes, 450 meters above the sea, there are two villages, one particular beauty traditional village, the story begins in the middle ages. From the big square with trees and bougainvilleas see the distant horizon a series of Cycladic islands scattered in the central Aegean Sea.

There are dozens more beautiful villages of Tinos waiting to visit and admire their beauty, like Arnados, Kalloni, Campos, Kardiani Karia, millet, strawberry, saffron, Ktikados, Count, baths, Middle, Monastery, etc.


The island has dozens of beautiful beaches, with sand on the majority of other organized and get quieter. West Country is the beach of Pachia Sand, one of the best on the island, while others are St. Peter, a very quiet beach with fine white sand, fields, columns, the Agios Fokas, the largest and most organized beach island, Agia Kyriaki and Agios Romanos, a sizable and relatively sheltered bay, Agios Sostis, one of the most beautiful beaches, opposite the island of Mykonos and many others.

More information about Tinos, beaches and attractions you will find the official website of Municipality of Tinos:

How to get there:

From the port of Piraeus run daily ferries covering the distance in four hours and high speed covering the distance in two hours. From the port of Rafina ferries arrive on the island in three and a half hours, while dolphins and catamarans a half hours.

Where to eat and where to stay:

For your stay and your food on the island, please visit tourism businesses on the island: