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Titans and Titanides


Greece Travel Guide|Ancient greece

With the departure of Uranus from the secular power, immediately after the project of the Earth, Saturn freed from the dark Tartarus brothers and sisters, the Titans and Titanides

They immediately recognized the new ruler of the universe in place of Heaven and helped to solidify his power.

So with their help Saturn rid of the terrible giant Cyclops and Hecatonchires, despite the strong objections of his mother, who wanted to be on the side of all children.

Saturn took to wife his sister Rhea. Thus, the two became the second divine couple after Heaven and Earth, and would rule the world together. Saturn, as he was the senior of the Titans, took time to adjust, change of seasons and guide the movement of things. That became the governor of the whole universe, the almighty ruler.

Rhea on the side of Saturn, first among her sisters, helped her husband by setting and this flow of things (= Rea is flowing). Specified within the realm of Saturn - Time to move and succession. Later he became a goddess of fertility and pulled from the depths of the first Olympian gods.
Next to the first couple sat the other Titans and Titanides a magnificent thrones and help Saturn to exercise its authority. They took care of everyone and to protect against a smaller part of the world. Most mingled together and gave birth to numerous smaller deities.
The Ocean, the eldest son of Heaven and Earth, reigned in the liquid element. It was an enormous river that flowed around the Earth and spreads perfectly round his body at all points of the horizon in the East, West, North and South. The Ocean was the personification of water and mated with the Tethys, the smallest of the Titanides which protects the water element and personified the fertile female deity of the sea. The Ocean dazzled by the beauty of his sister, the delight of the blue eyes and wavy hair. Moreover, she wanted to be at all day and all night in the water. From the acquired smiximo countless children. So the ocean is considered the father of all rivers. Hesiod says that his sons were the Nile, the Alpheus, the Grakchos, Penaeus, the Sakarya, the Evinos the Eridanus, the Strymon, the Meander, Achelous, Aliakmonas, the Scamander, the Nestos, the Granikos the Rhodian, Ladon and others at least three thousand rivers. From the Tethys also gained fifty daughters, the Oceanides; among them was the Styx, the greatest of all, Electra, the Doris, a de Janeiro, the Dione, the Fortuna, the stern, the Ippo, the Callirhoe, the coupling coverage, Xanthi, oak and Asia. These protect the streams and sources and were generally deities of water, like the respectable parents.

The Cotta, the second son of Heaven, had gigantic proportions that first saw Uranus and became imprisoned in Tartarus all children. But they were beautiful and masculine members. It represented the male strength and beauty.

Once Saturn released his brothers from Tartarus, the Kottes saw the bright Titan Phoebe, who personified the light, and was charmed by her beauty. But Phoebe and returned her brother. From their union were born to Leto and Asteria. Phoebe and that is Kottes grandmother and grandfather of Apollo who was the mother of Leto.

The Yperionas he was one of the victims of Heaven. Once escaped from Tartarus and came to the surface seemed full splendor. The blinding light flashed in all directions. The name means one who goes over the earth. Sometimes used to refer to the sun. Symbolized the eternal splendor. Fell in love with his sister, the Titan Divine, the Divine. And that fascinated by the shiny appearance of delivered. From such a beautiful pair were born three great children: Helios, who crossed on his chariot across the sky each day from one end to the other, the Moon, which stretches the silver rays into the darkness of the night, and Eos The rododachtyli Dawn.

Titan Iapetus and mated with Titan, but with Clymene, daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, that his niece. Since it acquired the huge Atlas vastouse shoulders heaven, Menoetius, Prometheus and Epimetheus. With Iapetus through Prometheus and Deucalion is the founder of the people after the great flood of Zeus. Others tell that Iapetus married another Oceania, Asia and the granddaughter of Oceanus, the Asopida or even Livyi.O Kreios is one of the Titans who do not know exactly the tasks that took power in the universe. Probably he was to some deity of Heaven. He joined the bride and Evryvia gave birth to three sons: Astraio, symbolizing the stars, the Pallas and Perses. The Astraios mated with his daughter Yperiona and Phoebe, the cool fresh dawn, and had three sons, Zephyrus, the south and the north wind, the terrible winds.

The Themis and Mnemosyne are the two Titanides that differed from the other siblings. These are not mingled with the divine Titans or stood by during the ten years of war made against Zeus and other Olympian gods.

Titanides. We agreed to marry either the Iapetus or the Kreio who had fallen in love. Instead, she fell in love with Zeus and obtained from him many children. This gave birth to the Hours, the three Fates, the Clotho, Atropos and the Lachesi, the virgin Astarte and the Nymphs of the river Eridanus. He helped her lover and the Giants advised him to dress with the awful aegis.

It is the only one of the Titans is welcome on Olympus, even after the complete victory of the Olympian gods. The honored everyone, not only for its relations with Zeus, but also because they had invented the oracles (divination), the rituals and laws.

Mnemosyne was the personification of general memory, memory. It was wiser than all Titanides and beloved sister Themis. Violently repelled by her brother's Kreiou had good relations with the Olympians. It said that she too fell in love with Zeus. He joined her in the forests of Pieria for nine nights thereafter. After one year the Mnemosyne gave him nine daughters, the Muses, who had the high throne on Mount Helicon.

The Titans accounted for the ancient forces of nature and the forces of natural phenomena. These forces dominate the world in the early days of creation. Only Themis and Mnemosyne represented more mental states, justice and memory, so they continued their march alongside their Olympian gods.