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Tobacco Museum at Kavala


Greece Travel Guide|Museums

At Tobacco Museum the processing and marketing of tobacco was the most important chapter in modern history of Kavala,

Tobacco Museum at Kavala brought economic development in the city until the 1950 when the tobacco trade fell into recession, due to the massive importation of tobacco from foreign countries. Unique in its kind, both locally and at European level, the Tobacco Museum opened its doors in spring 2003 on the ground floor of the former Greek National Tobacco, having as primary objective the promotion of this heritage. The exhibits are arranged in seven sections, which include everything related to the cultivation, processing, trade and tobacco industry, but the contribution of man, through the exhibits on tobacco workers and unionism kapnergasias.

At Tobacco Museum is very interesting the revival of classical tobacco processing machines exhibited in by offering a unique and unusual experience for the visitor. The collection complements the library of the site, with unique books and publications listed in kapniki politics and history of tobacco in the city. The Tobacco Museum is open daily except Sunday and more information about your visit there you can find on his website.