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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Travel to Lefkada


Greece Travel Guide|Travel and tourism

Along with some other small islands that surround the county is the Lefkada. To the north of Lefkada is Kefalonia and Ithaca and the east coast of Aitoloakarnania which lies just 25.

The capital of Lefkada,is the city of Lefkada with a population of 6,415 inhabitants and is located in the NE tip of the island. The terrain is mountainous Lefkada. Indeed is the most mountainous island of Eptanison.Pedino is only 30% of its total area.

The coast has a rich division, forming many bays and akrotiria.Ap them out of Alexander the atria, where the canal that separates the Acarnania, the Basilica of Fleva etc.

Main capes are Gyrapetra, Kavos Dame, Kastri, etc. The Juan islands surrounding it are Kithros, or loops, Scorpio, Skorpidi, the Bear and finally Madouri. The island has no rivers, only cheimarrous.Kyrioteroi of them is the Bard and the climate is Mafroneri.To mesogeiako.To summer is cool and the winter rains ipios.Echei But many, like the Ionian Islands.

The island economy is based almost exclusively on agriculture, but also play an important role in animal husbandry alieia.Akoma the island are wonderful salt-production of salt reaches several million pounds, and several processing industries and agribusiness. From the famous crafts are produced salami, wine and oil.

Developed but it is the cottage industry, which produces beautiful folk art are snapped up in Greece. In the center of Lefkada limani.To is the main feature however is that quaint streets invite you to leave traces of your countless times walking them again and again, and the numerous bars, cafes, restaurants and taverns which satisfy even the most demanding tastes, so that every visitor to enjoy a pleasant evening of each.

Therefore, there are many things you can visit the first time you confront this nisi.Analytikotera, you can start your day at one of the many beaches, such as port and goat Egkremnoi or alternatively take the boat and go for a walk up the Scorpio or even to walk from Nidri to the waterfalls to see them.

Then you can eat in all sorts of taverns stand proudly and waiting on all the beaches and, finally, to finish your evening with a trip to the cobbled streets inside the city center. The beautiful beaches of Lefkada is: Porto Katsiki, Egremni the seat, Nidri, Vasiliki, and finally Agiofilli Gialos.