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Tree of 2400 years old


Greece Travel Guide|Greek Mountains

The tree in Krassi Malia aged 2400 years and was there before Jesus born

The plane tree are the ornaments of the village. More important is the tree in the center of the square, the old-Platanos like say, considered the oldest and most majestic of the plane trees of Crete.

The perimeter of the shank is approximately 24 meters and the estimated age of 2400 years, it is said that each measure corresponding perimeter 100 years. It's bulky, has huge branches and dense foliage, covering the entire square. Next to the tree there are two sources - taps running with gurgling water all year round.

The tree is in its long history has witnessed countless events.

It was the center of social and intellectual life of the country. It is known that Nikos Kazantzakis spent several summers of 1910-1920 decade and his friends in wine, birthplace of his wife Galatea Alexiou.