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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию



Greece Travel Guide|Places to visit

Trikala: nature and urban landscape in perfect harmony

In one of the most central parts of the country, the beautiful Trikala stand for their natural beauty, attractions and the opportunity for activities and excursions. It is a modern city, but respectfully keeps many elements of the past.

Spread out in the plain of Thessaly in central Greece, Trikala is a city of 85,000 residents, founded around the third millennium BC and became an important center of antiquity, and there lived and Asclepius, now emblem of the Municipality of Trikala, who was king of the city.

The city straddles Litheon river, which is a tributary of the Peneus, and in the center dominates the hill of Prophet Elias, the Fortress and the clock. The Lithaios a benchmark of the city, while in mythology as the son of Oblivion, but that was born on the banks of Asclepius. The alternation of landscape filled with green banks and the tall green trees in summer, but with the trees bare of leaves in the winter enchants the visitors any time of year you come in Trikala.

The two sides of the river associated with many bridges. The central bridge was built in 1886 by French engineers and metal. By 1996 and functioned as a bridge vehicles. Is linking the city as it unites the most commercial street of Trikala, Aesculapius Street to Central Square of the Heroes of Athens. From there, one looking north, you will see the bridge opposite the statue of Aesculapius - the sculptor Theodoros Vasilopoulos.

The city also beautify many squares that serve as rest areas and meeting points for residents, such as those of Rigas, etc. Kitrilaki The central square of the "University of Heroes," joins the Aesculapius Street through the central bridge and has a small lake with fountain and tall, shady trees. Without uphills and downhills, the city is ideal for walking and cycling.

After the pedestrian in 1998, Asklepios is a central point of Trikala, and is the largest shopping street and the street assembly of Trikala. At the end of the building is the railway station, a real jewel and architectural monument, built in 1886 by the French construction company's rail network since the government of Harilaos Trikoupis. Opposite the Railway Station Converted exposed the train, the "legendary charcoal," which is the past of modern railways.

To the north of the city of Trikala dominates the imposing fortress with the tower and the clock, with a history that goes back to classical and Hellenistic times. The fort hosts outdoor theater every summer visitors can enjoy a variety of theatrical performances. You may also visit the clock tower and admire from above the whole city and much of the Thessaly plain.

At the foot of the fort still home to Varousi, the traditional district of Trikala connecting the past with the present, past with present and future. It boasts narrow streets, two stories about the houses painted in many colors and small churches that are springing up among them. The entire district has been listed and new homes to be built under the old standards. At the exit of the WEIGHT of the city, is paved, restored the old neighborhood grocery store, where you will find many restaurants and bars.

Within walking distance from the center stands the hill of Prophet Elias, a green lung with a remarkable view of the city, which is the church of Prophet Elias and the zoo is home to several animal species.

The list ... and what can be seen in the city is long. Koursoum even mention the Mosque, built in mid 16th century. by the famous architect Sinan Pasha and is a monument of Eastern architecture, the Folklore Museum, the Municipal Gallery, the Museum Katsikogianni, Municipal Sports History Museum, the Folk Music Center which houses personal mementos of Trikala Bard of popular music Tsitsanis Kaldara, Virvou , the library etc.