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Venus Aphrodite


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Venus Aphrodite born in Paphos - Cyprus and is the Godnness of Love

It would be impossible for the Greeks, a people who so loved the natural beauty and physical beauty, not to invent a god who would protect them and will personified. Coined for this reason Venus, symbolizing the eternal beauty and erotic mood.

The most prevalent myth about its origins is that he was born on a coast of Paphos in Cyprus. From there the wind Zephyrus with a gentle blast pushed the sea into the white foaming waves. Greeted the times (the seasons), the dressed and decorated. She wore ploumista, floral dresses in purple, silk and other shiny fabrics. Braided hair of the rich and cemented with a beautiful, Malamatenia buckle. Decorate the white neck with precious necklaces, emeralds and rubies. Finally, wore the ears of pearl earrings. Once transferred to Olympus and presented to Zeus and other gods. All the admired, dazzled by her beauty, told her countless koplimenta and wanted to make the woman.

Hesiod in his Theogony presents a different version. Aphrodite was born from the members of Heaven after the amputation of Saturn. The sea kept for a long time members of the celestial body of the deep. Around them and formed foam through the foam emerged Panoras Venus. On a huge shell on the Zephyr went long into the deep ocean. During this journey, the strange ship of Venus came from Kythera and then went to Cyprus.

The beautiful goddess descended on the island where they stood and grew colorful and fragrant flowers. From the places where he traveled the goddess of beauty, just born, and named Kythireia Cypriot. Moreover, the name says Aphrodite's birth from the sea foam. About the birth and to note the version of Homer, who informs us that the daughter of Zeus and Dione Oceanid.

There are many myths showing the goddess Panoras always having weapons of seductive beauty and irresistible erotic desire. We meet first to fight alongside the giants of the Olympians. With its incomparable charms of fifteen Giants lured to a cave where he was hidden there; Hercules killed them one by one with ease.

Venus with the sweet cravings that could conquer all the gods and mortals but And the wild beasts of the land and sea, had great power in the entire universe. Indeed, the greatest fun was to be possessed by the gods love lust for mortal women and goddesses for mortal men.
After the order was able, after fooling the Olympians who disdained to stoop to and mate with inferior beings. The only ones that could not fool on Mount Olympus were the goddesses of eternal virginity, Athena, Artemis and Hestia. The biggest victim was physically Jupiter, which is often thick cast in the lap of one or another mortal causing the rampant hatred of Hera. Of course, she always tried not to reach the mischief Zeus' ears of his wife.

The same Venus considered lawful wife of Hephaestus. Unfortunately, the ugly and lame god was unable to hold its own for a long time the most beautiful goddess, who started the scam Mars. Other legends are told that it was lawful wife of Mars and their relationship had acquired four sons: the Imeros (Lust) and Eros were permanent winged companions of Venus, Deimos (Terror) and Phobos that were inseparable bellicose followers god. The escort of Venus also attended the Ivy, Harmony, the Hours, the Graces and Persuasion.

They say that Venus and mated with other immortals. Thus mated with Poseidon and took with him a son, Eryka, the hero who gave his name to a mountain in Sicily. The daughter born of the divine smiximo was Rhodes. Also, the goddess of eternal beauty united with the mischievous Dionysus. Hera to avenge Venus Jupiter constantly lured into extramarital relationships, when she was pregnant by Dionysus, touched her belly with a magic wand. So the goddess gave birth to the ugly and shameless god of fertility, the Priapo.Apo smiximo with the Mercury was born a son because they looked too divine to both parents, called hermaphrodites. He was raised by the nymphs of Mount Ida, and when he grew up was a very handsome man. Once, he traveled to Caria and reached a lake whose waters were so pure that it seemed the bottom. The Bride of the lake, the beautiful Salmakida just saw the hermaphrodite, the first sight in love. Once dressed and decorated appeared in all its glory in the divine man and asked him to mingle with her. But he resisted and rejected the proposals. When the young man thought he was alone, stripped and dived into the crystal waters of the lake. The Nymph hidden parafylage who could not resist the sight of naked bodies. Jumped in the water and began to kiss and embrace the new. He resisted, but the nymphs squeezed with all her strength, she prayed to Zeus and asked him never be separated from her lover. Jupiter heard the prayer and united the two bodies into one. The Bride and the Hermaphrodite since then are a person and a body that is both male and female.

Zeus wanted to punish Aphrodite continuously because the love of the immortal passion seized and dragged into love affairs with mortals, and then laughed at them and made them blush with shame. So he decided to throw itself in a mortal embrace. He managed with his omnipotence to cause sexual desire for Anchises, a young shepherd upon Ida, whose beauty and manliness was exairetiki.I Venus just felt the irresistible attraction for the young shepherd, ran to the temple of Paphos. There he called the Graces and tightly closed after the huge gates of the temple began to be groomed and adorned with their help. The Graces bathed with the sweat and milk. After care of her face but her body with magic creams and cosmetics that made her even more sparkles. The dressed in gossamer gowns and various tulle and adorned with jewels psilodoulemena, made of the rarest gems of the sea. At the end of the Venus anchored in the middle of the divine band closed their desires and loves and flew to Ida. When he reached a clearing of the mountain was transformed into a mortal princess to fool Anchises. Then went to the hut. On the way he met the wild beasts who rushed to devour. Immediately terminates the goddess of magic zone and that the threatened wild lions and tigers began to shake their tail friendly and lick the goddess. Once she charmed with the love of desire, both began to remove the two woods and mate.

When he reached the hut of Anchises, a mortal shepherd dazzled by her beauty and she realized she was a goddess. Venus, however, convinced him that she was the daughter of a mortal king of Phrygia Otrea and that had brought the Mercury gorgopodaros to mate with him. The Anchises could no longer resist the erotic passion that had mated with and conquer the goddess in her bed hut. After he fell asleep and Venus got her real form. When Anchises woke up and saw the head of the goddess arrives on the roof of the hut, too scared and called the mercy of. Venus revealed that all what happened was the will of Zeus. He also said that he would give her a son, Aeneas, who would become the same glorious glorious and leave offspring. But he had to disclose any relationship with her and says he should have acquired the son of a nymph of Mount Ida; otherwise Zeus struck him with lightning.

Very famous is the love of Venus for Adonis, the beautiful new world. The story begins very early. A princess of Syria, myrrh, boasted that she was more beautiful than Venus. The angry goddess caused her a unholy love for her father, managed to outwit and joined him for twelve nights. When she recovered from the temporary madness that had been sent to Venus, he realized the deadly sin of the woods and ran to hide. The goddess eventually took pity and transformed her into a tree, known Myrsine. Later the bark of a tree and burst came a child named Adonis. Venus impressed by the beauty of the infant and to protect it gave to Persephone, the wife of Hades, to grow in the dark kingdom. But when Adonis grew up and became a beautiful man with a very nice body and divine face, Persephone, enchanted by its beauty, in love with and refused to give him back to Aphrodite. The goddesses began to quarrel and to hit, but none could prevail. So ran the omniscient Zeus to solve their difference. Zeus decided that Adonis the third time will pass close to Venus, the third next to Persephone and the remaining third where he wanted. So now always lived four months in the Underworld and eight with Venus. Whenever the time came to leave the underworld and ascend above the earth, nature throughout the greeting. The fields were green, the flowers bloom and trees and a wonderful aroma flooded the atmosphere. Venus abandoned the divine palace of Olympus and lived with her young lover in the mountains and forests.

But this provoked the wrath of Ares, who was jealous of Adonis. So one day he sent a wild boar with tusks that mortally wounded the new. It said that once the goddess ran to help his injured friend, stepped on a thorn and the blood flowed red painted a rose; until then existed only white roses.
Another version tells that the goddess shed so many tears drops of blood flowed from the wound of Adonis. From every tear was born a rose, and extract every ounce of blood grew an anemone.

The anger and curses the goddess was well known and many were the victims. So when rododachtyli Dawn (Eos) mated with Mars, caused outrage. In order to avenge the inspired fierce love for the giant Orion. The Io in erotic passion kidnapped the beautiful giant and led him to Delos. But the desire could be satisfied in any way, because it was doomed from Venus erotefmeni.Episis be eternal, awful way to the goddess avenged the women of Lemnos forgot to pay the price. He sent them an intolerable smell, so they do not approach the men, who mated with some prisoners from Thrace. The Mammoth to avenge their killed them all, and founded a society of women. Much later came to Lemnos the Argonauts, which gave women the sons took over and normal life on the island.

Venus wanted to retaliate in a