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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Visit Meteora


Greece Travel Guide|Religious Tourism

The most significant and exciting activities in Kalambaka and Meteora are: For the adventurous, climb the rocks of Meteora, which hide many unexplored beauties.

Climbing at Meteora the steep, inaccessible slopes but beautiful ending to a great view. Hiking trails and on various routes in the region of Meteora. Mountain biking on forest trails that lead to landscapes of exceptional beauty. Anemopterismos slopes Meteora will impress. We highly recommend you try one of the many sports offered by the mountainous areas of the county through an office operating there, such as: Biking in many forest trails leading to beautiful locations. Hiking in unexplored paths through the dense forest of fir trees. Riding accompanied by experienced tour guides to scenic trails through the green and next to streams. Archery and shooting in the Pertouli Meadows. Ski in ski Pertouli where snow enthusiasts can enjoy varieties of their favorite sport as ski piste, ski-road endurance mountain skiing, and sleigh chionoraketes. Paint Ball in Pertouli grasslands and forests of the region. Guided tours with jeep 4X4 to the surrounding areas easily and safely can be guided and to test their stamina and off road driving on the track, which is before Pertouli. Climbing the slopes of Koziakas in place of Red Rock, a short distance from where the Fir are three climbing routes. Hunting in the controlled hunting area Koziakas where fans can hunt such as pheasants, partridges, woodcocks, etc., and wild boars, hares, deer and roe deer. Trout fishing in Achelous, Aspropotamos and tributaries tous.Oreivasia to unique paths and slopes amidst beautiful forests. Rafting the river Achelous. Canoe-Kayak Acheloos and Chalikioti. Ecotourism programs along with tours with experienced guides and tour guides that every visitor to experience nature and learn about the flora and fauna of the broader ecosystem.

The largest monastery is the Great Meteoro. You can go by car from Kastraki 9:00 to 16:00 every day except Tuesday and Wednesday. This is a monastery gathering crowd. Located literally stuck atop a huge rock which is connected to a small strip of land where you will park your car. The monastery is reminiscent of an impregnable fortress. The entrance is through a small gallery of several measures that have opened in the solid rock. Do you wait your turn to spend because we will just wait long days Turma. Simply login to cut them just coming out as there is no visual contact with them to see you and stop coming. Once you enter, you have to climb several stairs until you reach the main complex. Luckily the stairs are wide and there is no overcrowding. Also in many points a handrail for the elderly. Arriving at the main entrance, women should have pants to wear over skirt that will give them the responsibility of the monastery. From that, however, saw no problem if more than a woman wearing a long jacket. Inside the monastery now, start by visiting the chapel with the admittedly very old frescoes and icons. Continue to the museum where you will see artifacts from the battles of the Greeks from 1821 onwards. Among other uniforms, weapons, manuscripts and prints. Particularly successful is the way the report follows a chronological order so you can see clearly the path of evolution. Another interesting point is the sacristy, where you will find rare items and hieratic scripts. But beware because the photographs and video are not permitted and gentlemen who attend the area not given away to the observations. Outside the sacristy there is a nice open space like a balcony, from where you can admire the spectacular view over the valley. Concluding his visit, near the entrance of the main monastery there is a place where cooking utensils out of another age and species for the manufacture of wine. You can look up the bank with huge wooden tables where the monks ate. Continuing the tour to Meteora, also deserves to see the Monastery of Barlaam. Located just below the previous one and is less crowded. Of course, what is worth seeing is a lot less. It boasts a chapel with murals and rare icons and a huge barrel of 12000 liters where the monks stored their wine.