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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию

Vitsi and Korestia


Greece Travel Guide|Greek Mountains

Behind the mountains of Vitsi, between Florina and Kastoria, lies a special world, ambient, a natural setting where human history has left its own indelible imprint.

Mount Vernon Vitsi or otherwise imposed by the 2128 meters high and abundant branches of the limits of Kastoria and Florina prefectures.

In the north the neck separates Pissoderi Vitsi of it too tall border or Varnountas Dove Mountain (2334 m) and the world of Prespa lake.

In its narrow south of Kleisoura, the old road Florina - Kastoria to creep between the mountain passes, cut off the mountain from Mount Mouriki.

Southwest Vitsi glides on smoothly to the basin of Lake Orestiada, leaving place for n 'develop the Byzantine city of Kastoria, while to the east off with successive "steps" forming the plateau of Florina.

Following the road that connects the Prespa Lakes Kastoria, Pisoderi and Florina, discover the forgotten world of Korestia. This is a cluster of mountain villages (Upper and Lower Kraniona, relaxed, Melas, Makrochori, Mafrokampos, St. Anthony, gabbro, and Kottas Vatochori), stretching the limits of the valley Ladopotamos (formerly Vistritsa) and exhibit strong architectural and cultural interest. The village of Melas passed in history when, on October 13, 1904 the Turks were killed, after notice of the Bulgarians, Mikis Zeza or-as is well known, Pavlos Melas. The house where he spent his last night is now a museum (tel: 24670 84 554), while just outside the village cenotaph where the temporary buried the headless body of a Greek officer.

But Vitsi recorded in our consciousness as the place imbued with plenty of fraternal blood. The truth is that here were the toughest and fonikoteres battles that were recorded in the recent history of the Greek Nation. On August 10 started businesses of the "Torch B '" and concluded on August 12, 1949. According to the General Army Staff, killed 256 men of the "National Army" and 1182 men and women of the "Democratic Army". Today in covering densely forested mountain nothing reminiscent of those dark days of the Civil War. The nature of the completely healed "wounds" left by the body of napalm bombs, which pre-60 years-the burnt mountain. Leaving only the scars on the old brick houses Korestia, the holes of the machine guns of airplanes "bolting" the daily positions of the men of the "Republican Army", but the wounds in the souls of people who experienced the most tragic way those the hard times.