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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию



Greece Travel Guide|Places to visit

Xanthi is a crossroads of cultures between East and West

Xanthi, the lady of Thrace, invites us to walk in the Old City with its mansions, museums, churches and monasteries to visit the renovated warehouses, spiritual and cultural centers and to know the history and nature of the surrounding area , which offers many activities. Welcome to the city that combines the best yesterday and today, the Christian to Muslim.

The "arms" of Rodopi, Xanthi is the capital of the prefecture and the administrative and commercial center. The prefecture of Xanthi is located in western Thrace, bordering Bulgaria to the north, east Rodopi prefecture, west with the prefectures of Drama and Kavala, while south is washed by the Aegean Sea.

Those who really want to know the city of Xanthi, the history, folklore, fun, tradition, cuisine and exuberant in its sights, you must visit for several days. And then, it will be difficult to leave ...

In Xanthi, will go to the Byzantine castle on the hilltop to admire the view of the city, you will walk on cobblestone streets and you will be impressed by the aesthetics of symmetry: kagkelofrachta windows, stairs filled with fragrant pots, carved doors, tile and wood, beautiful squares, a visual feast.

The old City of Xanthi is located in northern, built amphitheater and divided into two parts with natural boundary river Kosynthos. It is the historical core and covers an area of ​​380.000m2, which makes it one of the largest traditional villages of our country.

It was built after 1829-the year when the big earthquake destroyed the previous full-settlement on the ruins and churches with stone, which were probably from the Byzantine Xantheia as named by the ancient city of Xanthi.

The city is built by craftsmen from Epirus and Macedonians, characterized by the shape of the labyrinthine cobbled streets and is full of Balkan folk houses, inns, shops, churches typical of the last Ottoman period, but both western and classical mansions whose owners are mostly merchants tobacco.

Pride of the city is the Folklore Museum, one of the most representative samples of certain types of dwellings were constructed in the city of Xanthi in the last period of Ottoman rule, from 1830 onwards. The museum hosts a whole treasure kalaisthitikis tradition, inextricably tied to the history of the city

A few steps away, the church of the Cathedral, adorns the square, and is remarkable and the building of the Municipal Gallery. True, difficult for visitors to Old Town to know to succeed, even with plenty of time, the buildings of aesthetic perfectly.

Under the railway line, is the Museum of Natural History, where visitors can discover the world of animals, while the modern city of Xanthi, an attraction for daily life, needs and priorities of citizens, with shops, squares , parks, great bars and cafes.

Visit also the monasteries of Panagia Archangeliotissa, Kalamiotissa or reeds, and the Archangels in the homonymous hill where the church operated school.

Cultural activities

Xanthi has managed to institute, three seasons (winter and summer-autumn) celebrations. February is the center of fun with the Folk Festival and Carnival showing nationwide attention and traditional folk character, but raise issues and contemporary affairs, while in the Old City, known as "Old Town Festival" held every year in the first week of September.

Known throughout the region is impressive bazaar of Xanthi, which in the Square every Saturday and livestock markets is one of the most important areas of commercial development of outdoor activities in Northern Greece, all year attracting thousands of visitors. Christians and Muslims, Gypsies, and repatriates from the former Soviet Union, but also African and Chinese coexist harmoniously, giving the bazaar a particular color, which would not encounter at other flea markets. In the stalls you will find all sorts of vegetables and foods up carpets, blankets, clothing and footwear, household items and toys.

At the edge of Xanthi, "guards" the entrance of the train station, stand the gigantic tobacco houses, telling ... past glories, the economic prosperity of the city, since the production and processing of tobacco had reached their peak (1860 to in 1913) and tobacco merchants to send caravans to Istanbul and throughout Europe.

This is an area that is in a satisfactory extent in urban fabric and building stock is one of the best sets of existing industrial architecture in Greece.

The buildings are creations of the late 19th and early 20th century and located in the southeast of the Old Town, making a special district, clearly separated from the main shopping area and residential area of ​​the bourgeoisie.

Today the area of ​​tobacco warehouses located on the outskirts of the center, near the Liberty Square and buildings for cultural sites.

The prefecture of Xanthi also has many natural attractions and places of ecological interest, such as virgin forest or Haidou Park, the Delta and the Straits of the river and the wonderful habitat Vistonida.

The natural northern boundary of the county, is the Rhodope Mountains in the virgin forests that are a haven of rare wild birds, while further south there is the plain which is very fertile because of the rich irrigation drainage system.

Nestos river forms the natural border between Thrace and Macedonia, but also the "river of life" for the region. The aesthetic of the forest is characterized by rich vegetation, while the canyon is a haven for rare birds of prey and mammals. The scenery is breathtaking and can admire the visitor with three different ways: on foot, by train and by canoe.

Finally, the Thracian Sea, part of the north Aegean, is the natural southern boundary of the county. The beach area starts from the mouth of the Nestos River west to the lake Vistonida Porto Lagos and east where there are a few of the important wetlands of the country and internationally. Vistonida Lake is one of the major lakes of our country, rich with fish and a haven of thousands of birds.

The scope, variety and richness of wetlands integrate the delta of the river and the lake Vistonida Special Protection Areas in the EU Bird and the Natura 2000 network.

The kitchen and the pastry is also notable in Xanthi, making even a 'point' Meeting of East and West. Tzigerosarmas, Giaourtlou, fagot, lachmatzoun, varieties of mushrooms, accompanied by local wine and raki, will satisfy even the most 'difficult' stomachs, while ... dessert, choose between saragli, Carioca, baklava, etc. kazan dipi