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Ταξιδεύω Ελλάδα Travel to Greece путешествие в Грецию



Greece Travel Guide|Greek Islands

How about a few days relaxing on the beautiful island of Zakynthos.

Zakynthos is the "Levant flower" as said characteristic is ideal for this season as the always calm Ionian ideal for autumn getaways.

A beautiful island with relatively easy access that will give you magic moments, gives generously Zakynthos unforgettable images. You can reach either by plane (flight hour) either by car or bus through Kyllini from where you take the ferry (the trip takes about 1 hour).

The unique history of the island will surely undivided attention. The island that lies before you conquered over the centuries by the Venetians and the English have left their mark and tested hard by the devastating earthquake of 1953. Older remember with nostalgia the majestic building of the theater collapsed completely and 300 churches of the island were demolished, leaving only 8 and the unique architecture of the houses and public buildings with arches and spacious rooms.

Faithful in the past and tradition, the Zakynthians tried to rebuild their city very similar to its predecessor, retaining the local flavor. Many buildings have elements from the old Zakynthos while efforts are made to the city as a whole can not escape from its old image. Start your walk from the church of the island's patron, Saint Dionysios. It is the only one not destroyed by the earthquake, which the faithful attribute to relics of the saint is kept in the church.

Then, walk the cobbled streets. The new buildings reminiscent of the past and where you turn your eyes you will see beautiful flowers with colors that adorn the balconies of the houses. Make a stop in Piazza San Marco with its many trattorias and cafes and then continue with a visit to the "Museum of Solomos, Zakynthos Kalvou and eminent" to become acquainted with the fascinating history of the island.

In this museum you will see a piece from near the trunk of the tree from the hill Stranis poet sat down and wrote the bulk of our National Anthem, the personal belongings of the great writer Zakynthos, G. Xenopoulos, coats of arms of Zakynthos nobility, and the graves of Kalvos and Solomos in a special room inside the museum.

In St. Mark's Square you can enjoy your food and then definitely stop at the historic patisserie "The Flower of the Levant", located in the main square, Piazza Solomos. Here, throughout the evening concentrated on Zakynthos society and drinking coffee under the ornate arches of the square, commenting on current affairs with the distinctive dialect of Zakynthos!

In the same square, you will see the imposing buildings of the Municipal Cultural Centre, the Public Library and the Museum of Zakynthos that deserve your attention.

And because the weather still allows time for a dip in the azure waters. Click for your bathroom Laganas, with its warm waters. In this beach and the turtle lays loggerhead turtle eggs. Keri Lake, the only shipwreck, Kalamaki, Tsilivi and Banana, also invite you for a cool dip. The waters are crystal clear and really the star of the island beach, photographed the wreck that will surely have seen on posters or photos, and wait your photo click.

The heart beats of nightlife for years in Laganas which has become another hot spot island entertainment. The clubs compete with each other in blinding lights, cool shots and advanced music. However, in recent years because tourism in Laganas has "escaped" from the permitted limits the excesses to occur often, the authorities of the place are making genuine efforts to return the quality tourism in Laganas.

Our own proposals are quite different. To get a taste of the real life of Zakynthos, you have to pop up the Bohali, a suburb of Zakynthos, built on a hill with spectacular views. The taverns with local dishes (pancetta, braised Zakynthian Prentzas, sgatzeto, and tsilikourda sofigadoura) will amaze you. Prefer local wine and enjoy Verdea melodic songs Merry Zakynthian that will take you to visualize a vivid novel with short Xenopoulos and the populace.

Zakynthos without local party is not sure about this last night before leaving to search the most famous restaurant "The Arekia" in the town of Zakynthos, where every night, a group with guitars gives actual performance of laughter and fun for the regulars and they taste amazing dishes and red wine. A separate proposal is the islet of Agios Sostis in the atmospheric bar that connects to a bridge in Laganas!

When leaving, do not forget to bring your unique nougat (which you can see how the various workshops of the island), nougat, nougat and wine Verdea. And a little secret to the end: look for the street vendors in the city center of Zakynthos that make the site fitoura. This is a unique Zakynthian sweet made of semolina and sugar to say goodbye to the island by a sweet taste in the mouth!


-How to get there: by plane (flight time about 1 hour) with Olympic ( either by car or bus through Kyllini from where you take the ferry (the trip takes about 1 hour).

-Make sure you get to St. Mark's Square Sunday morning. The Band of the island with spectacular plays every Sunday uniforms unique melodies and the people are always there to applaud.