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Zeus, the father of gods and men, symbolizing the ancient Greeks to the omnipotence and absolute authority.

Zeus had command of the universe. Could control everything, since all the other gods held a sector responsibility, it was merely his assistants. But always remained the time to seduce a goddess or a beautiful princess and gives rise to the jealousy of the legitimate wife, Hera.

Zeus was the last son of Cronus and Rhea. The modest Rea indignant by the hard-hearted husband, who trembled for his throne, and for this reason, swallowed his children immediately after birth succeeded with the help of Heaven and Earth, the fool. For this reason he traveled to Crete; there with the help of King Bee and parastatries with his daughters, Melissa and Adrastea, gave birth to Zeus in a cave of Mount Dikti, called Dikteon lair. Then entrusted the infant to the Nymphs of the mountain. Then he returned to the palace of Saturn and wrapped in swaddling clothes gave a stone to swallow. The naive and believed her Saturn devoured the stone.

There are several charming myths about the upbringing of the newborn god. The nymphs placed him in a golden cradle, which hung among the foliage of a huge oak tree, so that hovers between earth and sky and Saturn can not find him. But the cries of the divine infant was very strong. The young girls, to avoid any side visit Saturn because of all the trouble, they called their friends, the Curetes. These were evil elves of the forest with strange shape. Whenever Zeus cried, starting to dance a wild war dance, the pyrrhic, and sing busting war cries and clapping their spears and javelins on earth, which rattled the whole. So Saturn could not hear the crying of morou.I beloved bride of Zeus, Amalthea, milking a goat's milk and fed the divine infant, who with great gluttony devouring his food. The goat, which was called simply Capella, descended from the Sun. It was huge and terrible in form. The Titans could not bear to see it, so I closed the Gaia in a cave of Mount Ida. Zeus was not afraid at all but the creature, who helped his upbringing. So when he grew a bit and started to walk, playing with the huge goat, which he named Amalthea even the name of his beloved Bride. Many times did not expect to feed him, sat down on the milking goat and drank her milk straight.

zeus dias

One day Zeus inadvertent because he could not control his divine power, broke a horn of Amalthea. Sorry too much and to comfort the blessed animal, the horn gave the nymph Amalthea, since the first endowed with magical properties. One who had just enough to make a wish and immediately appeared before him all the best in the world. Since it became known as "cornucopia" or "Horn of Plenty". When the goat grew old and died, Zeus felt sorry lot. From her skin made the powerful auspices, which was the most important weapon in Titanomachy.

The divine child was raised with honey. The bumble bees of the mountain, great for him, gathered the best of queen honey. The Nymphs gave this to the small Jupiter, which for excitement to the sweet taste.

According to another legend, the god was brought ambrosia and nectar, ie food and drink of the immortals. White doves carrying the sacred ambrosia and fed the baby alone, just as they did with their young. An eagle with wings and shiny sharp claws, flew every night at breakneck speed through the skies, and reached the source from which it drew the nectar and moved to the mountain.

Zeus when he grew up and gained power, he showed his gratitude to all the creatures that helped in his upbringing. So did the Amalthea and the eagle constellations and doves gracefully commissioned pleased to announce the service times.

On the other fairies of the forest that protected Zeus, is the most famous and Ida Mitida. The Ida had given even the little god of the first game; a crystal ball that was flying high when leaving bright colored lines in the air as the stars of heaven.

Surrounded by so much love and affection, Zeus was a beautiful teenager, stocky, with excellent harmonic States and appearance. Nymphs then realized that it was time to reveal everything. So, he learned about the hard-hearted father and all the adventures that befell his mother and himself until it arrived at that age.

With valuable advice, prayers and magic herbs of the Nymphs and especially Mitidas, arrived in front of Saturn; revealed his identity and asked for his throne. He declined, but Zeus after a long struggle managed to immobilize. Then gave him an herb and Saturn immediately vomit the other children, Hera, Hestia, Demeter, Neptune and Pluto. Zeus spent too many adventures to become the absolute ruler.

You only need to remember the terrible Titanomachy that lasted for ten years; the battle of the Olympians that the brothers of Cronus, which does not admit in any way superior to the newest one god. Finally, on the advice of Gaia, Zeus freed the Cyclopes and Hecatonchires that the Titans had been imprisoned in Tartarus. This to show their gratitude to the three brothers gave terrible weapons. Thus, the Olympian after long war finally managed to crush the Titanes.Amesos after Zeus and his brothers had to face the terrible Giants. But with Athena who fought like a man and Hercules and Dionysus supporters managed to win again. Last and most painful conflict was that the hurricane, who managed to injure Jupiter. But with the cunning of Hermes and Pan still had a happy ending for the Olympians and especially Jupiter.
After all these adventures was the deal between the three brothers. Zeus took the kingdom of Heaven, Poseidon the sea and Hades the underworld. But it did not stop the problems of Zeus. It took several times to deal with the other gods and to convince them of its superiority. Quite often faced the intense displeasure of Neptune, who constantly challenged his authority and did not carry out his orders obediently. Forced to threaten several times to synetistei.

Sometimes even the other gods organized conspiracy against the king of the gods in his own palace. In this part, Hera, Poseidon, Athena and Apollo. And certainly managed to make him bad, if not Thetis brought from the depths of the ocean supporter of august Zeus in all Vriareo. Jupiter, to revenge, tied hand and Hera with invisible chains and hung from the sky. In addition, she sent Poseidon and Apollo to work as slaves in the service of the mortal King Laomedon of Troy. As for Athena was his favorite daughter, not punished, and then he was faithful and obedient.

Some legends tell that when we took office, he created the world from the beginning. He took his wife to the chthonic, an old deity identified with the earth and gave her a veil that was designed over the whole world; the lands and seas, mountains and plains, rivers and lakes.
But the human race when it became very sinful and ceased to make sacrifices to the gods, destroyed it with a great flood from which only Deucalion survived and his wife Pyrrha. Of these, by the will of Zeus, came from the young people throwing stones over their backs. But, in this new human race ever began to reign wickedness. For this reason Zeus caused two major wars, campaign strategists of the Seven against Thebes and the Trojan War. Another reason was that the world population had risen dangerously and the war was a means to decrease again.

In the first case, Zeus punished and seven generals, because he was disrespectful and arrogant. One said that it seized Thebes regardless of the will of Almighty God, the other had the emblem of the Hurricane, the biggest enemy of Zeus, and someone challenged the power of lightning. All of them found a horrible end. Later their sons, who were theosevoumenoi and sacrificed to the gods regularly, helped them understand the Theban castle.
In the case of the Trojan War, Zeus saw first of all, born Helen, so that the rapture of the Paris to mark the start of the war. During the military operation was put into effect his plan. It lasted long enough Achilles outside the battlefield as he had promised his mother Thetis. Moreover, gave the final victory to the Greeks as he had decided independently of the other Olympians who fought on the side of one or another faction.

Many gods and mortals even more experienced the wrath of Zeus when they did something against his will or something stepping outside the order of the universe and natural laws. So the lightning Faethona who dared to drive the chariot of the Sun and was nearly burned the Earth, when approached too close to her.

So did the Asclepius had so much progress in the medical art, was able to order the herbs of raising the dead. Apollo enraged by the death of his son to revenge, he wanted to kill the golden arrows of the Cyclops. Zeus was outraged enough about to throw his son to Tartarus. But after asking Leto mitigated the punishment of Apollo and sent him for a time in the service of Admitou.Exallou, Zeus with thunderbolt killed Iasi had fallen in love with the goddess Demeter. This responded in love and lived happily with him on the field. Zeus did not want goddesses to mate with mortals. All these sexual desires that were not consistent with the laws of nature caused by the Venus and then mocked them immortal.

The almighty Zeus, which was the most frequent victims, to punish, inspired the great passion of love for the mortal Anchises and so acquired by him the mortal hero Aineia.Kapoies times he visited mortals to test their faith . Once he went and lived in Kea where the Telchines. These were a fierce people who do not accept Zeus as the highest god and there he was received with any respect. Only daughter of the king Dexithea fell to his knees and offered her served as a faithful servant. Zeus then destroyed all the inhabitants except the venerable daughter.

Another time he went to the god of Arcadia. There the king of Lycaonia and his sons, to experience the power and omniscience, slaught